Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Everywhere on facebook I see clever little memes. People seem to gobble up what's dished out with a gut wrenching relish only to slug it over to the next guy. Why aren't people thinking for themselves?

You hate Trump? That's fair. He's boorish, unrefined and the list goes on. And maybe he's too conservative or even too centrist for you. But the KKK crap is a nonsense meme. He has repeatedly denounced the KKK even in the past. It's a meme. Is he a bigot for wanting to secure the borders? That's a meme, because securing the borders is a fair issue. And actually, Cruz is tougher on immigration. Rubio is running his mouth and he is supposed to be a professional politician. Well, Rubio is professional when he continually repeats the other meme that Trump is a "con artist". Count the times he says it next time. Meme. Kind of like mind control.

So now we have Sanders. I'm a free market capitalist to be honest, but it's clear that the meme machine is working against him too. It's hard to tell what Sanders wants for the country because everyone else is busy telling you what he means. Hillary insists she is the "real progressive" borrowing from what others have been saying about Sanders. As much as Sanders tries to talk about the issues, it becomes a mudfest. Hillary continues to talk about what she didn't do, rather than what she will that is better than Sanders.

I just think it's curious that CNN will do an hour of Trump hating without a single blip about Hillary. SNL is all liberal. FOX is SUPER Republican right? But they HATE their main candidate and make major news about what the Republican Party really needs to do. So the Republican Party is imploding because Trump is "too Centrist"; "too liberal"; "too boorish"; etc. Take your pick. They just wish Jeb BUSH was back or anyone like him. Like we really need another Bush? Now that's power politics.
CNN. SNL. FOX. NBC and the list goes on. All of these media sources and their ilk are owned by what the average American knows as "special interests". In this case, these are massive corporations with gigantic lobby "interests". They buy and sell politicians on BOTH SIDES and they are sweeping up the election as we speak with their lies, rhetoric and memes. But you believe it because it was on TV? Facebook etc? Maybe you need to know the whole story. I mean really? A billionaire New York businessman couldn't give a damn about the KKK. This guy thinks casinos, not the south...and not Bibles either. He's an easy read. And do you really think that Hillary should be a candidate at all at this point?

My entire point is that Trump and Sanders have more in common than you think. They are both getting whack-a-moled by a Two Party Machine of EPIC proportions. If the Republicans would rather lose than let Trump win then that tells you that he isn't in someone's pocket...and that matters to someone. And if the Democrats would really rather have a disgraced criminal front runner then that tells you that she's bought and paid for by the party, not the people. Hell, the people funded Sanders ... and look where that's getting him.

Maybe these guys aren't so bad. And maybe that's the problem.

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