Sunday, January 27, 2013

We The Anonymous?

"We the People."
And so begins the Constitution of the United States of America. The aim of which is, as it always was, the establishment of inalienable rights, freedoms and moral platitudes for a people unified beneath the battle worn auspices of liberty.

In these last few years then, has the Constitution changed or have the People changed? The People cast their votes and their duly sworn in and elected officials do their jobs. The right to vote then  is as clear a freedom as the right to bear least to those who still support such ideals. Why then are hacktivist groups like Anonymous hiding their faces behind Guy Fawkes masks and 'guarding' our freedoms from a government that 'We the People' voted in ourselves...Constitutionally?

Perhaps the People have changed. One could argue that The People are too comfortable, too domesticated by the propaganda on either side of the voting line. They have forgotten that freedoms come without compromise. They have been lulled to sleep by the media and the politicians as banks and power brokers make off like thieves with those valuable liberties of theirs.

In no time at all The People have forgotten the Cold War and the very meaning of Communism. They huddle in fear of 'terrorists' and threats of climate change and world economic disorder. Social issues and societal evils are used and twisted, weaponized, to wear away and destroy the very rights of the American. There are only those left on the 'fringe' then. They are the shadowy (many gov't agencies would say criminal) organizations like Anonymous; the American Commoners, (mostly now classified in the media as rural and midwestern 'gun nuts'); and the dwindling Patriots of America's past...and their sons and daughters.

If you are a dissenter of the Party Line then you might be on that watchlist too.

What can you do? For must be Heard. Your guns will do you no good in this battle. But to keep your rights to bear them or any of your other rights now at stake you must voice your opinions and ideals. You must Act to be Understood.

The Political Propaganda is meant to blur the line between the relevance and the need for your rights in this century. It will disarm your mind as well as your household if it can...if you let it. You cannot lose the forest in the trees. The sanctity of our lives and the surety of our freedoms are not contradictions. They give realization to the tenuous condition of life and freedom both.

There are those whose actions may warrant that they wear a mask to undertake them. But for most of us, we must not fear to be anonymous. We the People must stand up and speak out. We must both guard and effectively use the power of our votes as citizens. And we must beware of the special interests and those with suspect citizenship all for the sake of the ballot count.

We are the People. The first order of Resistance is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans.

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