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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Able To Own An Assault Rifle...Or Any Other Gun

Following the horrific massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the gun grabbers are at it again. This time they are championed by the newly sworn in President Obama and his Administration who are leading the charge under the auspices of sensibility, safety, and responsibility to the collective citizenship.

I'll come out and say it right away. I did not vote for Obama in either election. I really didn't think that he was ready for the office the first time and I was sure that he wasn't by his second term. I have been a business owner most of my career and I can recognize bad economic trends and policies when I see them. That being said, I am a liberal. Can you believe it? I'm a liberal?? I took the internet tests to have some fun and determine whether or not my ideology was leaning to the left or to the right when it comes to social issues and such...and I'm 88% a Democrat.

But I'm an American first.

I grew up in a military family. My father served in the Air Force on the tail end of Korea and should be classified as a bona fide war hero. He was a nuclear test pilot after all, flying more than 17 missions in the south pacific directly 'through' the atomic bomb clouds in the then top secret Project Redwing. Of course most of those heroes are long dead to cancer and their families, like mine, will be looking over their shoulders for generations (those kinds of RADS make a difference). But, thanks to him, you and yours can go to work, go to college and voice your discontent as loudly as you want to. You don't even have to educate yourselves. Watch some MTV; shop online with Amazon; keep up with those darn Kardashians. Tune in. Turn on. Drop  out. Ironically, dad went to college at Berkeley. And he's a Republican.

Freedom is NOT Free. Lots and lots of guys just like my dad, uncles, grandfathers, cousins, friends and more either fought or ARE fighting for your freedom to sit comfortably in Sunday mass with your family or to play a game of Call of Duty while you light up with your friends (I'm assuming that you're in Cali of course). Those red stripes on the American Flag ... represent blood spilled for freedom. Go look it up if you don't believe me. Naturally, you could go to the public library and read so very many volumes about it. But, according to the statistics, you won't. Instead you'll swipe your cell phone and check it out on Wikipedia. Maybe Google can get you there. I'm sure there is a blurb you can wrap that ADHD around.

I like Freedom. Freedom is a good thing. In a free country I can choose to be religious or not. I can even be free of someone elses religion if it oppresses my own beliefs. If my neighbors are gay or straight they can be free to be whatever they are. I can speak openly and voice my opinions like I am doing now and not be worried that the Gestapo, the Stazi, the KGB, Mao's enforcers, or any number of fascists will be plowing down my door to carry me off to a detainment facility for questioning...or worse. I'm free to own personal property and I'm even free to defend myself...AND my country along with my other countrymen. For those of you getting your Google out, that last part refers to a Militia.

Someone should really write all of those Freedoms down don't you think?

But wait. They did. And it is called 'The Constitution of the United States.' It begins with 'We the People' and sets forth the measures of a sane, working, well crafted 'Union'. It is tolerant. It is current. It is universally fair. And it is a bulwark (Google that) of American liberties.

These days, unless you are a political lobbyist with an Agenda, no one reads it. Go ahead and ask those college students to recite just the outline of the rights and amendments of the Constitution and they will blather on about 'freedom of speech' or 'something like that'. Shouldn't it be more important to know what freedoms you have since we have been, as a nation, fighting to have them for so very long? I would think so. Unfortunately, most folks would rather just listen to what the media has to tell them. They get caught up in the moment watching massacres on TV (the real ones this time and not the Hollywood kind) and all agree how truly awful that is.

Someone should do something about all of those poor victims and their families. And I agree. We should punish the wicked. We have laws to do that too. We can jail those who rob and attack us. And we can execute those who murder our children.

Instead, however, everyone is blaming guns. It was the 'assault rifle' (a misnomer if you care to research that as well) that did all of that killing. Take away the 'assault rife' and the guns and we will all live in Wonderland eating cake and drinking tea with Alice. We can pet Unicorns too. Lions and Lambs will lie down next to one another; the AIDS Virus will magically disappear; giant Amazonian bird eating spiders will stop eating birds; and man will be free of lice and crawly things that live as parasites. And all of this will happen because we insist that the tools determine our nature...and not the other way around.

I'm a liberal too...a pablum puking academic even. And I'm just not that stupid.

I became a liberal watching 'Hair' and listening to 'Pink Floyd's The Wall' or to the lyrics of Jim Morrison of 'The Doors.' I'm a Feminist! I think the Matriarchy was a fabulous idea. Equal rights, in my book, should be the maxim for every race, creed and either sex. When possible...make love not war. I'd love to take my AR15 and hang it up on the wall...a nice collector's piece to go with my Bastard Sword and my Morning Star.

Now to my fellow liberals out there...

Did you even watch 'The Wall'? It's all about control. Like me, didn't you read 1984 by Orwell...or A Clockwork Orange? Not a liberal thing? Did you forget that JFK was a Democrat and that he ordered the first troops into Vietnam? How Camelot of him. He must have taken 'Excalibur' off the wall in the Oval Office.

Those very troops marching off to Nam were introduced to the very rifle that would one day become the AR15. Early models of that 'M16' were even manufactured by Hasbro. And, by most accounts, the soldiers hated them. Like any tool it needed a lot of work.

So why should YOU own a gun?

1. If you want to insure that your freedoms to be a Christian or a Muslim; that your rights to marry as a homosexual; or that you may vote as a citizen of either sex or any race, shall not be infringed upon. We erode our freedoms by degrees. Take away that 'gun nuts' right to have a gun and pretty soon you'll be defending your rights too. 

Why? Because we are all different. Change makes the world go around. We don't all agree and we never will. If your aim is to make everyone the same then you will be killing a lot of different people. Someone already tried that just after invading Poland.  

2. You are not a maniac. You didn't just wake up today and reach for your 'assault rifle' so you could murder your family and then find the local elementary school to keep your count going. 

Why? Because only someone who is mentally deranged is going to even consider doing something like that. Most of us just want to sleep in; work as little as possible; look for someone to love and make love with; and eat copious amounts of Indian Food watching 'Breaking Bad' (and marveling at how stupid Walter White is for doing just that). 

3. The world is a dangerous place. Sure, there were 11000 deaths attributed to firearms in one year in the USA; but most of those were gang related. In other words...those staggering numbers are so very high due, in most part, to the fact that criminals have guns. Check out the statistics on crimes committed in the USA and you'll probably start shopping online for a howitzer and a tank.

Why? Charles Darwin did a good job proving 'Natural Selection.' Wake up! Go watch a nature documentary and you'll be absolutely disgusted by the truly horrific means that animals in our world employ to destroy and devour the world around them. I already mentioned the bird eating Amazonian spiders. Check out the Giant Squid. Ghastly. And have a look at parasites, viruses, cancers and other fun things. You'll find all of them on PBS. What you won't find? A Unicorn. Because they don't exist...or because something with teeth and claws...ate them all. 

4. Statistically, YOU will be a victim of a crime. Maybe it's a break in as armed assailants storm your house at 1 AM to get that nice new IPad of yours. Maybe they will leave with just your IPad. Or maybe they will turn to your wife and kids. 

Why? People do bad things for their own reasons. You have nothing to do with what they want or what they need other than being a victim. If you aren't prepared to equal the Predator...then you ARE the Prey. 

5. You may need to defend your Homeland. During World War II, the Japanese avoided all out attacks on American Soil in part because they knew that the population was armed. 

Why? Did you forget 911 so soon? Didn't your Government tell you through the news outlets that there ARE active Terrorist cells throughout the USA? While I'm not suggesting that you take your guns and go out looking for them, don't forget how long it took FEMA to respond to the Katrina disaster. And don't forget that not every country in the world just loves us Americans. You probably would have a hard time getting good service in France...and they are an ally. The Constitution called for a Militia...defense in the hands of the citizens. 

6. In order to Resist Tyranny. How much do you trust your government? Those elected officials on the city, state and federal levels only do good right? Think again. Do yourself a favor and jump on Google again and check out criminal indictments of government officials. Give yourself some time. It's Tammany Hall all over again out there and you have a LOT of reading ahead of you. Of course you can just read the blurbs. It's only your freedom at stake. 

Why? Do you remember the Chinese activist standing in front of the Tank at Tiananmen Square? Take into account how many tyrannical governments started with high principles of fairness, equality and brotherhood. Marx was a philosopher not a savage. Hitler unified his country and the German people promising to restore their hope, pride and economic future. Lenin lifted the people from the arms of the Czars with the aim to distribute the wealth and the profits of the bloated aristocrats among the desperate working masses. Maybe too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 

7. Responsibly shooting guns is a lot of fun. Visit a local shooting range and you will discover that the very act of poking distant holes in targets with a fair degree of precision is as much fun as any other sport. Perhaps that's why that competitive shooting is indeed a recognized sport. In fact, it is an Olympic event and part of the Biathlon. When it comes to the AR15, it is an excellent gun for sport shooting and that is one of the biggest reasons that it became so popular in the culture. 

Why? It is part of our human nature to enjoy testing our limits and capacities. We love sport. It is important to note that guns are the heirs of rocks, bows, spears, swords and other weapons and tools used by mankind to protect and feed himself...for countless ages. Maybe it is in our DNA to practice.

8. Guns are necessary tools for farmers and ranchers. Maybe you don't want to think about where that steak on your plate in that fancy New York restaurant came from, but I'm betting that you wouldn't be eating it if Farmer John couldn't protect his cows now and then from varmints and critters. Wylie Coyote is real and he loves tasty livestock. If your shepherd is President Obama then just remember that your tasty lambchop's shepherd was Farmer John with his Winchester. 

Why? Most farmers and ranchers own lots of sprawling rural acreage waaaaay outside of the city limits. Those poor unfortunate animals that your liberal sensibilities have crowded out with your cities are raiding the farmer's stores and chewing on the rancher's livestock now and then. You wouldn't want that would you?

9. Men Hunt with Guns. Check out your local Bass Pro or Cabella's and you'll find a plethora of hunting supplies. And among those supplies you will find all sorts of guns for hunting. 

Why?  Hunting is in our DNA. Hunting puts food on the table for millions of Americans and their families each year. And hunting decreases animal populations that would otherwise grow out of control. Left unchecked, deer would populate themselves to starvation. Motor vehicle accidents alone would skyrocket as they took to the highways. Whether you like it or not, ALL populations are controlled in this fashion. In nature it is called the food chain. The rifles are no more and no less than the very talons of the American Bald Eagles who soar at the top of that chain. They kill things too and it keeps those populations in check just the same. 

Addendum: What is it about those high capacity magazines? Both AR15s and the typical rancher rifle fire ONE shot at a time which technically doesn't classify either of them as 'assault' rifles. This is what is called semi-automatic fire. Having the ability to fire more than one shot (as in the standard AR15 clip) is no luxury when a feral pig is running you down as in Arkansas where their population is exploding. High capacity magazines make the tool more effective. I would argue that the efficiency of the tool is less the issue than who is using it. After all, the most dangerous 'tool' is the automobile. Consider how many deaths there are each year owing to driver negligence (drunk driving is the driver's fault after all). You can kill a lot of people with your car too. But that would be immoral and illegal. 

10. The 2nd Amendment Says You Can. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Why? Simply because the Founding Fathers agreed that the Nation must be protected from without and from within. What did they think about 'Assault Rifles'? Well, they had muskets. And muskets killed you just as dead. Are we simply arguing efficiency or the act itself?

The Constitution provided a means to protect ourselves as citizens from Tyranny at any quarter, even within our high, duly appointed offices. The very first and most obvious sign of Tyranny, is the dismantling of those means. Each one of us has this Right to Bear Arms. And yet we also bear the heavy responsibility of that Right. And so there are already consequences to those who break the those who elect to murder instead. Even so and ever so...the Right and its Responsibilities are separate. 

After all of this, I should not have to plead my case. The Constitution rested my case hundreds of years ago.

If we cannot trust our society then how may we believe that we can trust the government of our society when it arose from none other than the very election of that people? Can we not then trust ourselves in the possession of such power over life and death?

Are we not responsible? Perhaps we should blame the media, the video games, the violence in the movies, the hunters, the rednecks, the southerners, the conservatives, the school principle, the bullies, the ....hey! Where exactly is that taking us!?

Wake up! Get ahold of yourself and take some individual responsibility for once. Life is survival and proliferation. It must be free in order to grow. I for one hope that we never completely agree. The garden needs variety.

In closing, I notice that everyone is arguing about guns. And then to skirt the issue they begin to look for the cause, the root of the problem. It's mental illness they chirp. It's upbringing. It's the media.

It is my opinion that the root of these school shootings lies even deeper. And it is most certainly NOT the gun itself. Look more to what the gun represents. The gun is Power. And the will to power in the face of fear is human nature. Yet, any great power can be corrupted. Perhaps we should look to our nature as human beings and to the fears that we face together as a people, as a Nation...and finally address those truths.


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