Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Band Apart

I've been thinking of some band names recently. Most band names are universally ridiculous. 'The Flaming Lips?' Really? That's a disease. There's gotta be an ointment for that.

Usually people just throw together a Verb and a Noun. It's the classic 'Verbing Nouns.'

Screw all that...Here are some that will doubtlessly catch on...

1. Sudden Lion Attack Catastrophe!
2. The Pumping Pretty
3. The Tropical Lemonades
4. Mixed Up Jesus Christ Rhythms
5. Rendezvous Symphony Awareness
6. Methodical Jones
7. Big Tapper
8. Juice Bar Fantasy
9. 5 Second Countdown
10. Damnation Afterthoughts
11. Grilled Salmon Simpletons
12. Muskrat Weenie Philosophers
13. Chrome Illness
14. Maestro Lovestruck
15. Moving Violations
16. Some Sick Uncle
17. The Box Bums
18. Mallory Has A Hickey
19. No Rest For The Milkmen
20. Sunrise Repeaters

I'm just throwin some ideas out there. If any of these are real bands then its purely by coincidence. Great minds barf up horrible ideas alike. If you'd like to hang one of these band name shingles on your band then by all means. Just tell em Scott Free gave you the idea and give me tickets to your concert!

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