Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suspension of Disbelief

Seriously...Who would RUN from HER???

When I was a kid everything just made sense. There was a Santa Claus. There was one Religion. And whatever you saw on TV or read in a comic could take to the bank.

I'm not a kid anymore so I guess I'm just not as gullible as I once was. Perhaps I can attribute that to years of experience and learning. But for whatever I have gained...havent I also lost something along the way?

People have a habit of making fun of the trends and cultures of bygone eras. Bell bottoms. Big eighties hair. But take a look around. It's not so different now. This is the era of fauxhawks, cell phone obsession, Tap Out and Affliction Shirts and other disasters.

I grew up watching 'The Bionic Man', 'Buck Rogers', 'That's Incredible', 'The Love Boat' and 'Fantasy Island.' The real difference between the shows then and now was that back then everyone was looking good and getting laid between the action.'s about killing the crap out of each other or about finding the person who killed the crap out of someone.

I guess we've lost our innocence. And with that we've lost our suspension of disbelief. We question everything now...especially our own modern versions of 'happiness.'Maybe thats why no one is really happy anymore. We arent innocent enough to enjoy life as it is. We question our personal standards of living and happiness until we're thoroughly depressed.

Bring back the innocence.

Of course...some things really dont make sense.

For instance:

1. Why do people run from Wonder Woman? She's amazingly hot, and sweet enough to talk out of punishing you. Maybe you'd even want to be punished by Wonder Woman? What about that Magic Rope of hers? One comedian once said that if she used it on him he'd tell her the truth alright...He'd tell her he wanted to have sex with her. Yeah...that's the truth.

2. How did we all buy that story about Santa Claus? He traveled all over the world in one night and kept track of all of that? That's almost as crazy as thinking that a snake gave an apple to the first girl and that's what explains New Jersey.

3. What kind of woman would have sex with Spider Man?? Thats fricken disgusting. Peter Parker is half SPIDER. Wow. How sexy is that? Probably not so sexy when you're pregnant with a hundred football sized spider babies. Ick.

4. Back to Wonder Woman. Really? I'd do something bad just to get her attention.

5. Happily Ever After? Like that ever happens. When the credits roll on ANY love story and it says 'The End'...they aren't kidding.

6. Those pants really dont make you look fat. You're just fat.

7. How many times did the Dukes of Hazzard have to send the 'General Lee' to the repair shop? And can you really lead the police on a car chase every single day and NOT go to prison? Try it.

8. Sure the Flat Earth idea was bogus. But what's at the end of the universe? How is that any better? 'Here there be monsters'?

Just some errant thoughts. Without suspension of disbelief on a daily basis, I think we'd all be either really sane or really crazy. Maybe it's relative...just like belief is.

But again...there's a bodacious babe chasing me with a magic rope...

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