Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Pretty simple little song I put together. Lost a good friend and it made me think of something a long time ago. For those who want to play along its fingerstyle for the most part. Chords are Em, C, Am and D. But its like a chicken...its better plucked.

Late at night before I can dream
Before I can escape the pain of this thing
I lie awake and wrestle with the pain
My thoughts a man going insane

I dont believe the dawn will ever come
I think tonight the night has finally won
I reach for you out in the empty space
I hear your voice...I see your pretty face

And I feel it now
Like its there somehow
Even when there's nothing

It's not fair to me
That you're there to me
Even when there's nothing

It's like you took a piece of me away
Though its gone... I still feel it anyway
The limb is lost...but the feelings remain
The ghost in the machine...the image in my brain

Repeat the Chorus x2 - Fin

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