Monday, August 9, 2010

No More Love Songs

Rolling Stone raves...
"Ordinarily is the future of music. With hits like "Making Breakfast" and "Mowing the Lawn", Free takes us on a journey of the absurdly normal. You wont hear a single 'baby' on this entire album. I was captivated by the lyrics of "Paying the Bills". Who could forget 'I dont know where you get your thrills...but I get mine...paying the bills.' It's stuck in my head now."

The Village Voice shouts!
"Scott Free is reinventing the song. First there was 'reality' tv. Now there is 'reality' music. It's a giant leap forward."

Billboard Magazine agrees...
"Five out of four stars! I listened to this album on the way to work and felt like I had already payed my bills, mowed my lawn, made my breakfast and watched tv. It's like bottled life man. It's just that great. Bottled life."

Spin Weighs In...
"If he (Scott Free) sells out...then I'll have a problem with God."


1. Paying the Bills
2. Mowing the Lawn
3. Making Breakfast
4. Taking Out the Trash (feat Justin Timberlake)
5. Driving to Work
6. Watching TV
7. Morning Rituals
8. Reading My Mail

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