Monday, August 9, 2010

Find Some Life

I believe that if its not moving with you...then its dead. So it's time to move on. You heard me right. Every day could be your last. So it's always time to go out and find some life.

I happened to wander into a bar with some friends. We played some pool, drank some beers and filled a nearly empty room with lies and bad jokes. A guitar playing guy I knew had left a gig at another bar and was strumming six strings. We coaxed him to join us at the bar and before long we were all singing to the same tune.

Sadly, I didnt have the Nagual in my car. But I belted out some 'Knockin on Heaven's Door' and, for the while, we made a place in the world for ourselves.

It's that simple really. Stop running from what you dont want. Stop running to what you do want. Stay where you are...and want that. ;)

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Knockin On Heaven's Door