Monday, July 26, 2010

Going GaGa

Stefani Germanotta is my favorite new artist. Dont get me wrong. Im quite aware that Stefani is a bit more well known for her nickname, Lady GaGa. But GaGa is part of the art after all. Marilyn Monroe was the metamorphosis of Norma Jean. And GaGa is Stefani's butterfly.

I can't stop watching her early stuff on YouTube. The kid's just great. She's the Italian girl next door with loads of talent and enough drive to make it all matter. She writes her own lyrics and melodies. She spends her days designing way out and wild new clothes to wear. And, best of all, she plays the piano with her leg perched on the high octave. That's just cool.

There are lots of people in this world who put her down, or criticize her looks or voice or behavior or whatever. That's to be expected I suppose. No one is everyone's cup of tea. The world is an amalgam of opposites. And frankly, people fear and judge the unknown or something fresh.

Stef's fresh.

I spend a lot of time just creating stuff, or writing stuff, or composing stuff, or simply playing stuff. So I get it when I see someone else doing the same thing from the get go.

I've watched Stef on TV and I've seen her live concert and she seems pretty genuine to me. Most real artists are. It's the art that matters to the artist. And most artists have vulnerable egos. Performing a new song you wrote, for instance, is like walking naked into a room filled with the opposite sex and asking...'Well...what do you think?'

The music business is changing. These days artists premiere their new work on YouTube. If you take the time you'll find a lot of great acts just waiting in the wings somewhere. Right now...a lot of them have their eyes on Stefani.

I'll keep my eye on her too.

Sure, I like ACDC and Led Zepp, Aerosmith, Rob Zombie...the Doors...the Who...

I like talent. I like art. And I like to see someone's hard work paying off for them. I hope more young artists are inspired by Stefani's example. Good for her. And good for us when they are.

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