Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It is a widely held assertion that a person's environment is a kind of reflection of that person's inner self. As a psychologist myself, I tend to agree with this. But, as an example, you dont have to go to college to get a good idea of what's on a frat boys mind in his dorm room. Look around and you'll find a mini bar, ubiquitous beer posters with girls on them, a guitar in the corner and some unmentionables.

We all like to project our inner selves outwardly. So it's really quite telling when you take a look around someones home or office.

What brought this all to mind was sunlight. You see, I have a couple of large windows in my home office. Today after lunch I wandered into said office and paused at the door. I did a double take.

Bear in mind. I am a bit OCD when it comes to keeping things in their place. I like my lawn mowed. I like my kitchen clean. I insist on orderly living arrangements. And I even prefer tasteful decorative ambience.

I dont like clutter.

Every room in your pad is a kind of external compartmentalization of those congruent 'rooms' in your head. That being the case, my office represents my brain. And my brain is obviously a mess.

Some people are hoarders. They keep everything. That's not me. But I am in the idea business. I'm a designer, a writer, a musician and all that other stuff that requires a mental palette, an exacto knife...and hopefully a good eraser.

Lately, like some kind of mad creative scientist, I have been working on building a music studio into my office. It's a crazy idea. Im probably breaking laws or something. But I am compelled to mix my art with my work. Hmmm....where is Freud when I need him?

At any rate, I'm not in college anymore so the beer posters have been trumped by angels, travel art and glaring renaissance icons. I have a glass desk and a palm tree beside it. There's a Foster's surfboard lurking in the corner. Are those Japanese swords ever useful?

Most of the big stuff in my office, including my musical instruments, are neatly arranged. It's the stuff stacked on my desk that is particularly troubling. You see, I like to organize things I'm working on. Therefore, I have all of these folders and binders with my business stuff and art stuff in them. But I'm working on too many projects lately. So stuff is stacking up all over the place! I obviously am having trouble focusing!

If my office is my brain...then I just might need a therapist and a cleaning lady at the same time!

I'm really trying not to mix up my music stuff with my work stuff. That might just be disastrous! I'm sure one night I'll start playing some song on my guitar and find myself singing about point of sale, invoices and sku numbers. It's bound to happen.

Of course, life and art are inextricably joined together. Maybe I should write an album or something about supply, restaurants or bartending. The bartender album might actually be a good idea. Each song could be about a different drink, or a customer, or a piece of flair.

Perhaps, I could compose a bartender album of nothing but ballads. I'll name it...'Cock Tails.'

On second thought. That name might not be the best idea.

Gimme a second. I know that I have some good names buried under all of this somewhere. Let me look around for a minute...Hmm.

So that's where that went? I was looking for that.

I wonder if what's true for my office is true for my brain? Are some of my best ideas lost somewhere in my head never to be rediscovered? Can I, should I even dare, sift and sort through those musky old synapses? Am I paying storage fees!?

Are we all just mental hoarders, saving up useless memories that just get in the way more than anything? Or is the clutter around and inside of us just proof of life?

I prolly should just clean.


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