Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things to Do on a Day Off

I work too much. Either I'm working on one of my business ventures or I'm bartending somewhere. All of it, whether at my desk or behind a bar, keeps me pretty darn busy. I dont really find a lot of me time on the schedule. Thus, it's always nice to try to take a day off...

Today I did just that!

What do I do with a day off? Hmmm. Well, lots of stuff. Some of it actually accomplishes something. But usually most of it winds up in the pointless category.

I slept late to begin with...which doesnt amount to much for an insomniac like myself. Basically 9AM became 9:30AM. Wow. The adventure begins!!

I followed up my productive usage of sleep with mowing my front and back yards like a good boy. I knocked on my own door, sold myself on the idea, and then paid myself twenty dollars to do it so I felt like I was helping out a neighbor kid. Worth every penny once done. Just beautiful.

I do good work on lawns. Something to keep in mind. (This is a subliminal remark aimed at the opposite sex).

I had lunch at Maria's, my favorite Mexican food place to eat here in Springpatch. It was good as usual. Fajitas. Not much goes wrong with fajitas. Or chips.

I followed that with a trip to Borders books to look for the 5th Volume set from Xena Warrior Princess (the series from the 90s). How can I ever watch the 6th Volume set if I dont watch the 5th Volume set first!? DISASTER. So here I am sitting on this 6th Volume set all the while...and I cant watch it. I just cant.

Xena is the best show ever created or aired on television. If I only lived on the coast you would find me in the crowd at the Xena conventions making my way to wherever Hudson Leick was. If you dont know who she is and if you dont know why I would be seeking her out then you just dont understand what I am about at all. Foot down! Planted!

Borders is a great store. The staff is nice. The store is clean. And above all, unlike Barnes and Noble, borders is not full of INSANE PSYCHOPATHIC CRAZY FRUITCAKE STALKER Barnes (see my blog 'The Barnes and Noble Zone' for answers). Still, as wonderful as Borders is - they gave me 33% off for being me! - I was ultimately disappointed when it came to Xena Warrior Princess DVDs. Nuts. Guess I'll have to resort to Amazon. That's gonna take time though...and Xena is important. However, my trip was not a total loss. I did actually come across the DVD for one of my all time fave bands 'The Who'...Live at Kilburn. Oh my. Oh my indeed.

What can I say? I love music. I go to festivals, concerts...I listen to Pandora nonstop and I play the piano and the ... guitar. For me, 'The Who' is iconic. They are a top five band for me in the order of Led Zepp. I guess I'm gonna get sauced on wine or something, climb onto my couch with my telecaster and jam with the brits. Keith Moon was still alive and playing with them in 1977. Keith Moon!

No day off is complete without spending some quality time with friends doing little more than opting for idle parlay over concomitant libations. And so I found myself in the company of friends at the local drinking establishment chatting about names for new boats, new business ideas, and the boilerplate frustrations and reflections.

I think I'm going to buy a boat and name it 'The Shoe Store.' Women love shoes...

I wonder if Edison came up with the phonograph on his day off?

"Hey guys! What if everything I said right now could be recorded and played back later?"

"Thomas. That's a terrible idea. Who would want to hear you talk about corsets?"

"One day! You'll see. The phonograph is genius!"

"You're drunk again Thomas. I'll take you home. It's dark though...I'd better light a torch."

"Wait...I've got another idea!"

Yeah....there's that.

I still want to work on a day off. I just cant help that. Frankly, I have too much to do. I always have too much to do. And if I would only do all of this stuff then I wouldnt have anything to do anymore. Perhaps that's why I keep putting it all off. Because I need something to do.

It's science.

Sure I do the weekend warrior thing and go on my periodic adventures, but I enjoy doing as little as possible now and then. I like to veg out, watch a movie and eat too much while I construct my master plan for world domination. Oops....I wrote that out loud.

I actually have another 'Free' day tomorrow. More sleeping in I hope. Less mowing perhaps. A search on Amazon no doubt. Perhaps some laundry. Definitely some running and working out. Most certainly some Poison, Dylan and Beatles on my guitar (Who by tomorrow? Who knows?).

Of course I really just need to get my ass to work tomorrow and complete my much overdue project for my company. I have lots of calls to manufacturers and suppliers to make. I have designs to finish. I have meetings to arrange. And I have the odds and ends of programming to do.

Damn. That sounds taxing. I sure need a day off.

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