Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Kansas City is a spectacular city. In the Plaza you'll find many wonderful examples of renaissance architecture. There's great food. There's big city entertainment...

And there are a few things that make me wonder.

This weekend, some friends and I traveled to KC for a bit of a getaway. It's always nice to escape Springpatch now and then. And we figured there was no better way than to spend our time off at Rockfest 2010; on the town at the many clubs of Power and Light; and at a Royals game.

What can I say? We have eclectic tastes.

We made our arrival in Kansas City in due form as it were. But with our hats turned backwards, and dressed more or less for the concert the next day, we were all sent packing from the first bar we went to on the Plaza. We readily chalked it up to 'profiling'. The bouncer encouraged us to go to an Irish bar.

On our way to O'Dowds, we came across some of that famed KC statuary. Most of it, like the window displays at Brooks Brothers, simply disturbed us. Do little boys really pee in frogs mouths? Do women cower atop fountains, recoiling from the water sprays? Does Ben Franklin read the paper all day on the bench?

None of that really mattered however, when the crazy man stopped his cab at the intersection so that he could get out and proceed to Quack at a passerby. We Irish boys considered it wise to give that man some space. He was obviously 'quacking up.' Sorry. Had to say it.

The weather was dreadful. It honestly rained so much that Noah paddled by me and told me that he was throwing in the towel. And who could blame him? It rained all through the weekend, making a muddy mess out of Rockfest.

Rockfest was certainly entertaining. Heavy metal isnt usually my cup of tea but I like to experience outdoor festivals and so I couldnt miss it this year. Just imagine two stages built in the middle of a river of flowing mud. Add 55000 mostly high, definitely drunk, fans all crowd surfing, moshing and chanting just this close to a full on riot.

Godsmack. Seether. 3 Days Grace. Rev Theory....and me doing my part to lift people up to crowd surf, aided all the while by a newfound 'friend' wearing a Viking helmet.

I'm not certain exactly what it is that makes young women display their breasts so readily at concerts...but I'm glad that I can play the guitar. I'll be getting a band together very soon.

Following the concert, my friends and I headed downtown to the Power and Light district. Acting responsibly we took a cab. But we soon found ourselves a bit worried when our cab driver uttered the words "Shit. There's a checkpoint," and then darted off the road we were on.

The girl in our group didnt hesitate, "That's why I called you," she said.

"Jump in the back!" I said to the driver. "I'll cover you. I've only been drinking all day!"

Somehow, we found our way downtown. There's apparently an App for that. We bounced about in the lazy throng of partygoers from bar to bar. I rather enjoyed 'Angels Rock Bar.' I hoped that it was a little closer to heaven than where I'm used to.

When the girls I was talking with suddenly disappeared with a group of guys I was relieved to know they were the members of the band 'Seether'. One of the bandmates came to apologize. A good guy really. We shared a couple of laughs. But once again I had found my reasons to start a band.

I'm relieved to say that our baseball game went on without all the mud or some of the craziness that my friends and I were getting used to. Whatever 'Mudfest' had done to rankle my conceptions about KC, the Royals/White Sox game lulled me back into my previous notions.

All things must come to an end. Returning home I took my shoes out of the plastic bag that I had put them in and hosed them off outside in my driveway.

Things clean up.



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