Friday, May 28, 2010

Swedish Moment

It's that time again. Those adorable Swedish vixens have decided to drop by again and spread some Swedish love. Really. Can you ever get enough of that little blonde country?

I know I can't. The girls have already made arrangements for my Viking funeral...whenever that may be. I'm spending considerable Krona on the Brunhilde option. What can I say? I aint over til the fat lady sings.

But as luck may have far I have yet to run across any fat Swedish girls. so many ways. Whew.

Here's some more Swedish charm...

I was famished from working hard all day so Inga and Heidi brought me some Gravlax and Surstromming to eat. It's pretty good although I think the penguins next door are looking through my window at the herring.

The girls are a bit worried because scientists are predicting that blondes will be extinct within a few hundred years owing to the fact that their genes are being blended out. I spent some quality time consoling Heidi in particular. She was convinced that she was facing extinction right now unless she dyed her lovely blonde hair. Poor dear...all better.

I just love it when the girls drop by. But its beginning to worry me that there are actually penguins living next door.

This has been ... a Swedish Moment.

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