Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Fall Season

Well, it's official. LOST and 24 are both kaput. I actually watched those shows for much of their duration. Lots of other shows are going off too if only to return next season like Bones. I like Bones. Actually, I like just about anything that gets me out of my own head for a while. I enjoy a good escape.

To this end I have forwarded a list of my own Prime Time series proposals to NBC, ABC, CBS...and FOX.

I might have a chance with FOX. So here it is...my FALL TV PRIME TIME LINEUP...

1. Buck Rogers. It's a gritty buddy drama centering on cops Duke Buck and Stryker Rogers. One's a tough cop out for the revenge of his pet hamster Dragon. And the other is a dirty side dealing War and Peace fanatic. I promise there will be lots of explosions and every episode will feature Buck's liasons with attractive female costars while Rogers will drink too much and try to shoot something.

2. Found. A group of airline passengers arriving home from Jamaica spend the entirety of the series in the Baggage Claim area while the exotic Jamaican ganga wears off. One by one the passengers begin to realize who they really are...all the while hunted by a mysterious force of hunger.

3. 25. What happens when you add one more exciting hour of action packed terrorist ass kicking to the new Fox lineup? 25 happens. The entire series takes place in real time.

4. Moose Cannon. It's nothing but an enormous cannon that fires huge objects miles into the air. The first episode will feature a Moose, an Audi and the only remaining person who isnt using P90X by now.

5. The History Channel Presents 'Flesh Eating Bacteria.' That's gotta be cool. Or really disgusting...which is cool.

6. American Idle. Judges Keanu Reeves, Snoop Dog and Seth Rogan set out to find the absolute greatest slacker alive! Challenges include Wii competitions, couch sitting, and rolling paper racing.

7. Explaining Men. This show is the final word for guys to their gals. Every episode features a boyfriend or a husband who uses the time on his clock to explain himself to his girl. If he fails to impress the home viewers he will be lowered into a piranha pool.

8. The American Scream. Henry Travers is a family man. He has a wife, Mika from the Ukraine; 2.4 kids, Donald and Suzie Bell; and a wild dog named Otis who no one can pet without losing a hand. Henry is already in over his head in this outrageous sitcom about the trials and tribulations of raising a nuclear family in the modern era. 'Punch me I'm Henry' becomes the catchphrase of the year!

9. Man VS 2012. Can Bear Grylls survive the coming Mayan Apocalypse? Tune in and see.

10. Sex and the CSI. Molly, Katie and Miranda are three hip and fashionable city girls who also happen to be Crime Scene Investigators. When they arent solving crimes they're downing cosmos at the Happy Cabana. Mark Harmon will make a guest appearance.

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