Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Good Stuff

I'm an easy guy to please. Life can get crazy enough to panic most people from time to time. And in some cases, people just load up on the many common escapes to keep the myriad depressions and anxieties at bay. I'm a people...and so that applies to me from time to time. But life isnt meant to be feared or escaped. No. Those are reactions. They arent life or living at all. I like to appreciate life as often as I can, moment to moment. I've seen it end after all, dying on the way to a hospital at 27. So appreciation comes easily for me. There's lots of good stuff.

Today I watched the last episode of the series Lost before the big finale. That was cool. It still seems rather embellished and feels to me like the writers just sit around smoking weed and patting themselves on the back at 3AM. But I like character driven stories. So I've been a fan from the start. Good stuff.

After Lost was over I dashed off to Borders Books and bought of copy of the new Playboy because I just had to read about the late night wars between Jay Leno and Conan Obrien...and because there is s 3D centerfold this month. Curiosity...good stuff.

While I was about town, I picked up the DVD Blue Crush so I could feed my surfing fix when the time comes. I anticipate it hitting me hard in the next day or so. While I was in the store I found it ironic that the store music was Surfin USA. How appropriate. Things go that way for me. Lots of signposts in life. You just have to pay attention. Apparently...surfing and beaches are rather important to me. Good stuff.

Good stuff comes in all sorts of ways for me. The guitar is particularly good stuff for me so I spend a lot of time with the 'Nagual,' my pet guitar. I have been thinking/dreaming about getting another one soon. I have had four in the family, but only two remain. One more would make things perfect. I think a lot about getting a Gibson. I adore humbucking pickups and the Gibson's small body shape. It's just cool. Maybe I'll get a black one with a pearl inlaid rim. Ooooo. Aaaa. Good stuff.

I hit up music concerts as often as I can. I just got back from Rockfest and about a week before that I was at Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. I'm looking forward to so many more that I get all excited just thinking about it.Yeah...summer concerts. Good stuff.

Still on the subject of music, I read in Playboy that the Flaming Lips are releasing their own version of Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon.' What can I say!? If you like music like I do and you therefore love the Lips and the Floyd... ... wow. Cool. Good stuff!

Its easy to find Good Stuff in a world as diverse and big as ours is. I'm no pedigree of easy living to be sure. If my life was a ski slope then its been mostly moguls and head on collisions into pine trees. But when I'm not crashing into life trees the cool wind is in my hair and you'll find a great big smile on my face as the scenic vistas of that awesome mountain speed by.

So much good stuff.

If you keep an eye out, I'm sure you'll soon find me sitting at a restaurant bar sampling a red wine or sipping on the rich flavors of a good cognac or whiskey. I hope its kind of quiet actually so I can really taste that stuff.

Of course you might be thinking that's all about smelling the roses. Lots of people might even suppose that you can only appreciate life when you're surrounded by roses. But that's not true at all of course. Life's a garden. And we all know that the best flowers need a little fertilizer. And they all come with thorns.

That's ok with me. I'll keep my eyes out for the trees ahead and just keep skiing. And when I get a chance to be on the beach again I'll remember that the sharks are out there in those waters. But you'll find me out there too, where the sun and the waves meet and compel that longing in my heart.

Cause that's the good stuff.



Lu said...

Oh my! What happened when you were 27? That's wild.

Freestyle said...

Long story but I died twice that night actually. A lot changed for me after that. I took on a new perspective.

Lu said...

Holy cow, I would say so! I've never met anyone that has died. You'll have to tell me the story sometime and if you remember any experiences! Live it up! :)

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