Monday, May 3, 2010

Disco Balls

Lately it seems that Disco is back with a Vengeance. Just turn on your radio in your car or check out your XM Satellite or punch up Pandora and you'll hear music that represents the evolution of the Disco sounds of the 70s and early 80s.

Today, artists such as Lady GaGa, Little Boots, Ladyhawke and others are taking over where Donna Summer and Andrea True left off.

I'm actually pretty happy about this because I always liked Disco. Before long I'll be sporting a mustache; wearing a brown suit and corduroy pants; and living in a shag van down by the disco river. Disco isnt exactly ACDC, though I love ACDC. But its good ol fashioned clubby feel good dancin music.

Have a listen to Andrea True from 1976 and then compare it to Little Boots 2009/2010.

I like it! And that video certainly leaves me wanting More of something or other.

Maybe these disco 'Belles' are bringing back those Disco balls I've been missing. It's funny how things come back around.

Still, I have to say that I really hope that the 'stache' stays put in the drawer and that the 'Farrah' feathered hairstyle doesnt make much of a comeback either...though I have seen a few of late.

Not that there was ever anything wrong with Farrah. Good lord. All I need is a time machine and a set of bionic Disco balls.

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