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The Cult Leaders Guide to Picking Up Girls.

BOOK REVIEW: 'IndoctriMATE! The Cult Leader's Guide to Picking Up Girls!'

Have you ever wondered what sort of mojo Jim Jones was drawing on when he somehow convinced more than 900 of his followers to gulp down poisoned Kool Aid? Have you ever questioned just exactly what sort of charisma Charles Manson must have had when a coven of beautiful women simply swooned at his every word and even committed acts of murder at his behest? Well, I have. That's a genie in a bottle!

Meet Barry Koresh.

Barry Koresh is the author of the new self help book, 'IndoctriMATE! The Cult Leader's Guide to Picking Up Girls!'
Barry is also the self proclaimed 'OverFather' to more than 50 young women. While 30 of these women are Barry's biological children, the other 20 ... are his girlfriends.

That's right. Barry Koresh, cult leader, is a real ladies man.

Within the pages of his new book, Barry explains in detail how he did it all. And why his women love him so very much.

As the leader of the all female 'Sundowners Point Commune and Wet Bar' located 25 miles north of Sikeston Missouri, Barry takes on the mantle of Prophet, Father and Beloved to his devoted followers. Like Barry, these young women worship Sagittarius A Star, the black hole believed to be at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

"We're all looking forward to the year 2012," Barry says. "Thats the time when the Galactic Convergence will take place; when the planets will align with Sagittarius A Star. We're planning a big blowout party. Everyone is going to chill out, listen to music, and daisy chain the night away. We're calling it our 'Hole in One' party. Afterwards there will be some refreshments ... like Kool Aid."

'OverFather' Barry's book is completely critical of the modern sexual divide. "Women are always best in pairs...or more," he writes. "It just isnt natural to have just one or two girlfriends or wives. You need more than your body can handle at any one time just to reach to higher states of consciousness."

'IndoctriMATE' advises todays men to 'give women something to believe in that is bigger than themselves.' It also teaches that 'building trust is crucial, as women make better followers when they feel comfortable on the path.'

Barry also includes the basics. He admonishes his readers to 'Dress like a Prophet. Sandals are good. Beards are almost a must because they just scream 'stability.' And always keep a good supply of Kool Aid at all times...just in case.'

Of course, you'll have to read the book itself for all of the best of Barry's secrets. He includes the sexual mantra 'Barry' to use when a woman is struggling to break your love spell. He also writes that it is a good idea to keep in mind the little things, and name the occasional star or comet after a potential lover.

"What can I say? I'm a romantic in this way," he says. "The women get used to nightly 'Offerings' and it can be difficult to keep putting off a 'Sunday Sue' or a 'Monday Mandy' simply because the offering plate is empty. It's really all about the skills."

At the end of last year, producers and executives from the FOX Network approached Barry about a reality series entitled "Keeping up with the Joneses." Koresh balked at the idea. "I'm not looking to sell out like that," he said, "I might be intrigued if I could do a show like 'Wife Swap' or something meaningful." The National Enquirer reports that talks are still ongoing.

'IndoctriMATE' is Barry's third book to hit print. His other books 'God Conversations: What its Like to Talk to Myself,' and 'Oh Yeah? Things You Never Knew About Kool Aid', have both translated into film and will likely be available on Netflix and at your local video store when 'IndoctriMATE' hits the shelves this summer. Both star Andy Garcia as the 'OverFather.' Mr. Garcia could not be reached for comment.

Is there any 'Mystery' to the huge amount of early interest that Barry's pick up book is generating? "Guys need something to believe in too," he teaches. "And I'm helping those guys to believe in themselves."

'Mystery' solved.


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