Monday, April 26, 2010


(There may not be a point to this picture. But it makes me happy.)

People do a lot of utterly pointless things. If you really think about it, then there are only a few things that any of us really needs or has to do. So is the meaning of life in all those little pointless things? Or is it part of a cycle of life that only seems pointless to the individual?

Buddha would say that thinking about such things is pointless of course. And it is.

We all know what we have to do. We have to breathe. We have to drink. We have to eat. We have to sleep. And men, at least, have to actually use the restrooms while the women wait in line for their cattle call to their secret meetings. Dont correct me. I prefer my reality that way.

Aside from all of that, nature made it clear that we should all spend some time trying to copy ourselves. Yes...procreation. Or amateurcreation as I like to call it ...if it doesnt involve myself. Naturally since you are reading this then you too are a pro. Obviously, you're a genius.

Do we really have to reproduce? Couldnt we all just spend our time sitting in front of the big screen eating fig newtons and writing blogs at 3am? I mean...what's wrong with that?

We humans actually fight wars over reproduction. Helen of Troys face may have launched a couple of boats...but according to new historical records...her ass launched a thousand ships. Lots of people were killed. Brad Pitt got shot by an arrow in the heel. And I lost a lot of respect for Legolas. All because of sex?

Seems kinda pointless.

I like sex though. So I'll leave it well enough alone. Besides...this is a PG13 website.

What about everything else we do though? Once we take basic survival ... and sex ... out of our lives...what are we all doing?

Think about it. People strive for fame, for riches...And it all has to do with sex because none of it matters-at all- when you're dead or when ten thousand years pass by. In a hundred thousand years of so everything about you, us and our culture is literally history...and all totally out of style. Future people will be laughing out loud at how we looked. And they will be laughing twice as hard at fauxhawks.

So what did you do today that had a point? Maybe you did work all day, chase the opposite sex and hunker down in your modern cave for safety. Ok. That has a point...relatively. Face it. You're going to age and die anyway so you might as well have just sat around all day laughing at fauxhawks like future people will.

Most of us spend way too much time doing pointless things. Why do we swim in pools or vacuum, or climb mountains? Why in hell would anyone skydive? Some activities are not only pointless...they actually go against our survival needs. Did you watch TV? Pointless. Did you try to impress your date with more expensive food than her little body requires to survive? Hmm...hard call that. That might help out with the sex part.

The moral of the story is that we all need to trim the fat and get to the point in our lives. Of course living isnt all about just surviving and reproducing unless you're the octomom. Sure, its probably pointless for me to play my guitar all the time since I'm not in a band but its fun.

Fun. Hmmm. It seems that this 'fun' stuff is really the most pointless stuff of all. But recess was always my favorite part of school. I'd leave my desk behind and rush out to the monkey bars and swingsets. It was loads of fun! So wait. Maybe we should live even more pointless lives?

Seems like we're all missing the point in our own individual ways. What if we all found the point? Is that a good point?

Pointless. Oh look. I dropped a fig newton.


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