Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thumbs Up to late night Tv's Conan O'BrienBravo to Conan O'Brien for his entertaining and yet classy exit from The Tonight Show on NBSucks. Its bad enough to get thrown to the wolves ... but when it happens in front of the world ...ouch. Maybe that 40 million plus settlement will help him ease the pain. I understand that Conan is beginning a new talk show run on Ozzys Handpuppet Home Theatre. 7 months and kicked to the curb? Sounds like a relationship to me. Good for him for being a good sport.

Thumbs Down to FOX News

Admittedly I duly appreciate the overwhelming eye candy that FOX News offers with its plethora of beautiful buxom blonde anchors and its flashy red, white and blue sets. I even enjoy Shep Smith and some of the sarcastic bloviating of pomp icon Bill O'Reilly. It's attactive entertainment posing as reliable news. That would be ok if it werent for its obvious slant to one side (Conservative) and far too many of its pundits opinions bordering on Nazism.

Nazism you say? Exactly. I dont like the idea of words like 'Academic' and 'liberal' (the Learned and the Free) becoming monikers of distaste on the lips of the FOX anchors. The only message that sends is 'Listen to US' and 'Think the way We want You to.' All too often I hear them haranging the Islamic faith essentially throwing the baby out with the bathwater of the few extremists that have made such 'News' worthy in the last decade.

Indeed, we must be VERY careful when we identify groups of people under labels of religion or politics. Too many commentators on FOX think its ok for us to take some kind of American imperialist stance in the middle east owing to the anti democratic thinking of the people there. News to you FOX, most of those people living in that region are very religious, devoutly so. They arent all out to kill Americans either. But their way of life just isnt comfortable with Democracy. In fact, the Quran admonishes them to submit...which is what the word Islam actually means...submission. The Democratic thing to do is to let them do what they want and to let them believe whatever they want as well.

I'm no isolationist fool living under a rock. I agree that the world we live in requires global vigilance. We must maintain our national security. We must respond when we are threatened. However, we must also respect the rights of our own ethic! If the Islamic states favor a panislamic nationalization then okay. That is their right.

FOX News hosts such as Glen Beck certainly dont shy away from their admittedly Christian leanings. I say we should seperate church and state and do at least as much with our national media outlets. Pointing fingers at other religions is what brown shirts are for...not 'fair and balanced news'.

Thumbs Down FOX. I really want to like you because I think your blonde haired blue eyed girls are the bomb diggity. But lets not take it too far and become the Aryan News Network. Just report the news. Leave the opinions to the rest of us.


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