Monday, November 16, 2009

See a Better Sunrise

What is the worth we are judged by? And is that standard itself ... worthless? These are questions I often ponder, late at night it seems, when all is still save memory.

We are all the same. I have lived enough life to know this, to really know it. Each man or woman shares the same innate needs and each one of us lives, loves and dreams. Our only difference is our individual perspective...our relative position or line of sight to the Center. But the Center is the same for us all at the beginning...and at the end.

Along the way of life we struggle. We struggle because we wish to define ourselves from the collective, from the whole. And we struggle to exist...simply to live in the midst of it all. We work; we compete; we actualize ourselves. We face the enemies of time, age, disease and misfortune. And we too often war against one another...part of the competition within, on the way back to the Center.

Why do we civilized minds judge so often by wealth, or looks or the litany of simple animal options? Are we so savage as to not divide our minds from our genes? Can none of us look further and see ourselves beneath the skin of every other man...and the worth alone therein?

We are divided by rumors, fears and faithlessness as if there is no greater truth beneath it all. And we act as though that truth was itself unworthy of our singular attention...attentions better suited it seems to illusions.

When I think of my own worth, I most often think to those times when I connect with that Center. Perhaps I am watching a beautiful sunrise. Or maybe I am remembering the face of a loved one and a better piece of time between once...and then.

If I watch that beautiful sunrise or if I love that girl in my memory am I worth more then? Do I see a better sunrise than the next guy who watches it? I dont think so.

I am grateful to see that sunrise. I am grateful to feel whatever I may feel, even in memory. There is no judgment in grace. And all of life...when you connect with it, when you see grace.

Grace the only worthwhile standard.


00VII said...

Beautifully said Brother Free. I believe if grace is to be used as our standard then you are indeed worthy.

Freestyle said...

Thanks Tim. That means a great deal to me.

You are a true friend.


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