Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OOOOOOO October!

Fall is upon me. Like Winter, Fall is something I cannot reason with. I cant talk a season out of doing what comes naturally for it. And what comes naturally for Fall pretty much spells the end of Summer.

Woe is me.

I had a spectacular Summer. I decided to take a few well deserved months off work and just found some time, ok a lot of time, to drink by the pool; relax on a boat at the lake; go floating on the river; camp overnight at music fests; and pretty much do as I pleased.

I met some amazing girls, made some good friends, maintained some old friends and capitalized on every last second of the season as best as I could.
In short...Summer was good to me.

Ahhh...but now here comes Fall. Dont get me wrong! I love the Fall. I was born in the Fall so I must have liked something about it when I first decided to show up. Sure I liked pizza...and I was born into a room with 11 awaiting nurses...but I think at least part of me thought that Fall had some real potential. It's beautiful! There are pumpkins, falling leaves, grey skies...

Still, I'm gonna miss the Summer. Most of all I'm gonna miss all of those sunny Summer days.

One of my favorite things about the beginning of Fall is Halloween. I'm a big fan! I live a pretty dramatic life as it is but Halloween always seems to bring out the strangest stuff. For instance...I dont know what it is about Halloween, myself and girls dressed up as Cats...but I like it. It's a long standing tradition.

I have dressed in costume a few times over the last few years for Halloween. At first I feel really silly doing it. I'm a Cowboy...we dont do that. But there are always parties to go to and you never know who you might meet...and she just might be wearing this years Cat costume! I have dressed up as Clark Kent (hey, at least I'm keeping it real), Caesar, a Commando, a Fallen Angel, Elwood Blues, a Vampire, and God. Yes...God. So I'm not keeping it THAT real.

Clark Kent was fun because I escorted an entourage of buxom Cheerleaders. Yay! Gimme a ...nevermind. Elwood Blues was hit and miss. Elwood was a miss because the other Blues Brother got drunk before 10 and then people had very little idea what I was. But it was a hit because I met a beautiful girl dressed as an airline pilot; and apparently Blues Brothers fly the friendly skies in first class.

God was fun though. My favorite story is when I went to the mall dressed as God and a little boy who had lost his balloon asked if I could get it down for him. I knelt down beside him, patted him on his sweet little head and said, "Son. Sometimes you have to learn to let go." That year I went Cat free. God it seems...was not amused.

In keeping with the month of October, and with Halloween fast approaching, I have been reading a great many vampire and zombie novels...most of them by the author David Wellington. I admit to the weirdest appetites for fiction. I enjoy good escapist stuff. My life is bizarre enough...so I require the most bizarre to let go of my balloon.

Fall isnt Summer...that's for sure. But I think I can make the best of it. I'm going to visit a haunted house, see some concerts, try not to get lost in a corn maze and go hunting for alleycats on Halloween.

Dont even get me started on Winter.


Julie (Jordan) Williams said...

Happy Samhain, Scott!

anne said...

i don't think you should avoid getting lost in the corn maze - getting lost can be the best part.

Freestyle said...

Heya Julie! How are you!? Find me on Facebook or something. And Happy Samhain to you too my dear!!

Freestyle said...

Well Anne...that all depends on who you get lost in the maze with!

Anne said...

maybe it depends on what you do when you find them ...

Freestyle said...

Do you know where we can find a corn maze? ;)

Anne said...

shouldn't be too hard ... you live in the midwest :)

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