Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daughters of Anarchy!

If you havent met a heartbreaker yet, I could introduce you to a few. The wilting wallflower is old news. These girls wear their pain on their leathers and drive it out hard on the lonesome highway.

Maybe daddy didnt show up or maybe there are dark secrets in the attic. Or was it just the controlling boyfriend, or worse, the one who split at the first sign of commitment or to chase blonde haired Mustangs on the girl ranch.

Whatever riled up the American Girl, she is pissed off, drinking like a trucker and soiling sheets faster than the local laundrymat can keep em clean.

Meet the troubled girls of the Modern Wild West. They saddle motorbikes and haunt the bars in high heels. But this is no biker gang. These are the wounded girls next door. They are the emotional vampires of the midnight hour, promises of sex just to get revenge on their unsuspecting boy toys.

And what's all of this revenge for you ask? The ex boyfriend should have called back. Or they should have gotten that puppy that they wanted on Christmas Day.

It's a never ending vicious cycle. In the Modern Wild West, one spent cartridge is never forgiven. It's easier to live with lust then love so these daughters seize 'if ya cant beat em, join em' by the proverbial balls and bitchslap the American Girl right alongside the American Dream.

Dont you dare love one of them. You would be better off tanning under a lawnmower or begging a Great White for your life holding a handful of tuna. They arent in the love game after all. They're paying someone back and putting mob hits on the fellas.

What a sad state of affairs it is when one motorcycle tumble means you'll never ride the bike the same way again. The 'tough' thing to do would be to get back on, to ride with the same freedom and abandon. But something spoiled that ride and no ones getting back on.

The Modern Wild West is alive and kicking. The boys have opted between lonesome cowboys and gunfighters. One is a drifter and the other will shoot you on sight. And all those angry girls have prostituted their bitter souls for heart stomping pathos. No one is better off. No one is giving in. And no one is happy.

Give all the lovers guns, and let em fight it out in a real Showdown. Come high noon, and you'll see naught but dust and death in the streets. And, somewhere in the distance, you'll hear a Harley God wailing.

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Blondegirl27 said...

my car and a few other friends were chalked with doa and daughters of anarchy and none of us knew why or who did it..

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