Monday, June 15, 2009

Books BY Dummies

Here at the Amateur Press, we realize that many of our readers are ready for books that admit that they are written by people who simply dont have a clue what they are talking about. Thus, Books By Dummies was born. Our motto is a reflection of who we are...'Keep It Simple...Stupid.'

Some of the Titles in our groundbreaking new 'Books BY Dummies' series include:

1. Sound Your Way Out of It. Tips To Talk Good.

2. Hands On Lawnmower Repair.

3. First Aid For Hands On Lawnmower Repair.

4. Dialing 911. How To.

5. Sex. What is it?

6. Lighting Matches 101.

7. Why Cars Roll. And What You Can Do About It.

8. Planning A Funeral For Someone Killed By A Lawnmower.

9. How to Play in the Street.

10. Quantum Mechanics and Other Interesting Words.

Thanks for checking in with The Amateur Press. And dont forget to look for our new bestseller...'Narcissism. A Look Inside,' on sale now.

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