Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sober Up? Why?

The world is too dangerous...too depressing...and far too disappointing. That's 3 Ds in a row. And that's too damn many Ds!

Ancient man attempted to comprehend the cosmos by drinking, smoking, and eating pretty much everything they could that would blow their minds. The Bhrahmans drank their Soma and wrote the wisdom of the Upanishads. The Hebrews ate their Manna. The Greeks inhaled the Pythian vapors. And so on...

Face it. If you're talking to a snake in a tree, you're either very Holy or you're probably drunk. That's a 50/50 that you're either about to launch a new religion or that you're just too shitfaced to drive your car back out of the Zoo that you crashed into.

Why can't humans just sober up? Interestingly, there is some real science behind the idea that many of our higher brain functions may have evolved in relation to our ancestors habits of tuning in and turning on to the native wildlife. And then came beer....a byproduct of man's agricultural endeavors.

Beer and wine have been around for literally thousands of years. In the past, drinkers had to be careful not to fall off their camels or to ride their camels or horses off a steep precipice. Beer made people happy but one had to be careful with it from the beginning.

Still, it is all too clear that life really sucks. Disease. Divorce. Death....more damn Ds!!! Those dastardly D's are 'D'estroying us all! And what do we have to deal with it all?


No wait. Seriously. We have alcohol and other 'Weapons of Mind Destruction'. I suppose that anything that will interrupt the flow of our sensory perception is a good thing when what we perceive is usually horrible.

The question remains...Should mankind sober up? Or is it time to get completely blasted and come up with some fresh universal answers from the bottom of the bottle? The ancient Hindus didnt have Tequila so it makes me wonder a little just what kind of religious book would have a salt rim and a lime?

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