Friday, March 6, 2009

The Good. The Bad. And the Manly.

Let's face it. If you're a real man, then life is hard. You dont spend your days knitting sweaters or gazing down the aisles at Blockbuster for the latest chick flick. You sharpen knives. You light matches on your chin stubble. You swim in shark infested waters. And you only put one bullet in your gun because you know you wont miss. But being that kind of man is a tall order.

What kind of man are You? Take My MANLINESS QUIZ and find out.

1. Participated in a Saloon Brawl? (Y/N)

2. Opened a Beer Bottle with your Eye? (Y/N)

3. Driven faster than 100 mph? (Y/N)

4. Taken a bullet for a friend? (Y/N)

5. Thrown a midget more than 10 feet through the air? (Y/N)

6. Had sex with a foreign girl in her home country? (Y/N)

7. Survived an airplane crash...twice? (Y/N)

8. Enforced milk money extortion as a child? (Y/N)

9. Slept with at least two girls at the same time? (Y/N)

10. Wrestled an Alligator? (Y/N)

11. Dated a woman at least 20 years younger or 20 years older than yourself? (Y/N)

12. Fought in a war? (Y/N)

13. Performed roadside surgery with a ballpoint pen and a pocketknife? (Y/N)

14. Set your own broken leg? (Y/N)

15. Lit dynamite with your cigarette? (Y/N)

16. Cried while watching 'Sleepless in Seattle'? (Y/N)

RESULTS: If you scored 15 YES answers then you are MACHO GRANDE. If you scored 16 YES answers or answered YES on number 16 (a trick question) then you are a PANSY.

Now you see why your grandfather was such a tough bastard.

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