Saturday, March 7, 2009

10 Second Degrees

It's time to sharpen up our minds...the easy way!

Ours is a fast paced, fast food culture of narcissistic instant gratification. So lets go with that! It's really sort of pointless to fight a losing battle after all.

Therefore, I have devised the SCOTT FREE 10 SECOND DEGREE PROGRAM.

That's right! Even you can get your Phd or MD in just 10 Seconds!

Remember though...Nothing is a free ride. Your success is a rewarding journey of hard work, wins and losses. You'll have to apply yourself. You'll have to make sacrifices. You'll have to put in the time and the effort because you want this so much...for 10 Seconds.

Some of the Degree Programs offered in the Scott Free 10 Second Degree Program (all rights reserved) include BA. JD. MD. Phd and more. Fields include, Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Business.

SAMPLE: 10 Second Medical Doctorate

Ready? Aaaaaand Go!
1. If it just showed up its probably bad.
2. Swollen = bad
3. Blood should be IN the body
4. Surgery is plumbing (see Plumbing)
5. Sterilize everything then Cut.

That's how EASY it is!! Right this Moment...YOU are HALFWAY to a MEDICAL DOCTORATE!!!

To complete your Medical Doctorate or to enroll in one of the many other exciting 10 Second Degree Programs that we offer...ORDER YOUR DEGREE NOW! Talk about a SAVINGS! Each degree saves you YEARS of needless drudgery in class and literally tens of thousands of dollars.

If you ORDER NOW you will receive the Degree Program of your choice AND a set of ginsu steak knives. BUT WAIT! You will also receive an INVITATION TO ROYALTY! That's right...if you order NOW we will throw in our Exclusive INVITATION TO ROYALTY PASS. That's an offer you cannot refuse. In just 10 seconds YOU can be a Medical Doctor AND a KNIGHT!

This offer is subject to the laws of your state and your country of residence. Agreeing to enroll in this program is of your own volition. Your money...the sum of $25,000 will NOT be refunded for ANY reason whatsoever. There is an Oompa Loompa behind you. Wow...are you really reading this?

Get Started Now and get on your Royal Road to Personal Success!

"The Scott Free 10 Second Degree Program and the
Invitation to Royalty Pass were just what I needed
to change my life forever! It was truly the best 10
Seconds I have ever spent! Thank you Scott!"
-Sir. Danny Dupree M.D.

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