Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Love

How can you NOT LOVE Valentine's Day? The Roses...The Chocolate...Amore'!

Course...if you're a guy then you have to BUY the roses, the chocolate, the bears, the diamonds, the compact Euro cars, the expensive dinner, the theatre tickets, the sexy lingerie, and the card of course.

If you're a girl. You have to either put out of work up some method acting and an impromptu headache.

"Not tonight honey. The roses made me sneezy. The chocolate made me sick. I swallowed a diamond in the car on the way to the theatre and those crotchless panties you bought me left me chaffed! I'll make it up to you....I promise."

Yeah. Valentine's Day is ALL about promises. We men do the savage garden dance every year and puff out our chests, dance and shake our red feathers. The girls just laugh inwardly. Some of them are secretly thinking about biting off our heads and eating us.

It's the way of the jungle. How romantic.

Oh...cynical ol me. I've enjoyed some wonderful Valentine's Days. Of course they all depend on WHO you happen to be sharing them with. It's kind of funny because I had my worst Valentine's Day with the girl I loved the most! And I had the best Valentine's Day with the girl I wasnt taking enough notice of. life.

I'm single on this Valentine's Day. And, for once, I'm perfectly happy about that. I'm spending my evening with people I love too...friends!

Don't get me wrong. I'm a romantic! But my reams of poetry, my golden dipped roses, my trips to faraway places, and my 3 carat diamonds all seemed to bounce like bullets off Supergirl.

I think I'm just gonna date mortals now. Or at least I'm going to date girls who don't think they can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Because that's what real love is about right? Appreciation.

I think on Valentine's Day we all should really Appreciate the One, or the One's, who we love the most. Nothing lasts forever I've found. Well...maybe love can. I still miss my worst Valentines girl.

If you need to buy someone something to Appreciate them then go for it! The Beatles said 'All You Need Is Love." And really...who the hell are YOU to argue with the Fab Four?

Appreciate someone immediately. And Happy Valentine's Day.

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