Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cat in the Bar

What's that you've got?
Say! It's a shot!
You might just pour me
All that you've got!

My friends are liquored
My Who Girl's trashed!
I've no more money...
My last check cashed.

The Grinch is glaring
He wants a tip.
I've got one for him...
He needs a trip!

To far off places
Where no Who goes...
Just all new faces...
Who knows Who shows!?

Pina Wholadas!
And Pink Drinks a Plenty!
He'll start with just one...
But wind up with twenty!

The Who Ladies grinning,
The Grinch is a gas!
As long as he's buying...
The smiles all last.

But what's this...it's fading!
This dream that I've had.
The drunks are parading.
The waitress is mad.

The Grinch is just closing,
The Whos are all posing.
And there I went...
I guess just supposing...

That bars are for Grinches
And Whos down on luck
When really just Wenches...
Who just want to......

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