Sunday, January 18, 2009

'The Courtesies of Angels'

Brother Tim Couch always has great things to say. He has a knack for words. But its the way Tim looks at things, at life, that I like. Writing in his own blog, Tim had this to say about the recent airliner crash in the Hudson...

"My wish for you today is that you recognize a miracle.

Every now and then something happens that leaves no doubt about the existence of divine intervention. We had a great example of it this past week. An airliner carrying a hundred and fifty-five people is knocked out of the sky by a flock of birds over a city of eight million people, and no one is seriously injured. How can anyone not see the miracle in that?

The news media keeps calling it a “story of luck and heroism.” Certainly, the flight crew are all heroes, but luck? Luck is drawing to a straight flush. Luck is not skirting skyscrapers and threading crowded airspace with a flying brick and then landing it in heavily trafficked waters without hitting anything. That is miraculous.

But then, if the Great Architect were going to intervene why didn’t he simply move the birds out of the way? He could’ve done that, but if he had it would’ve been just another uneventful flight. It would’ve still been a miracle, but we would not have noticed. Miracles happen every day all around us. We just don’t recognize them.

Every time we climb behind the wheel and hurl ourselves down the highway at high speeds but somehow arrive safely at our destination, it’s a miracle. Consider all the people on the road at the same time who have to do the right thing at the right instant in order for nothing to happen. Every time we cross a street, go for a walk, cross a room, turn over a rock, a miracle might have happened. We just don’t recognize it.

Miracles are happening all around us. Perhaps they are the courtesies of angels, and like most courtesies they are more readily given when they are appreciated. So keep an eye out for your miracles because I assure you they are there. Appreciate them. Be grateful. And, recognize that in a world of possibilities angels are doing miraculous things in your behalf."

Bro. Tim Couch

I for one know a little something about living by 'the courtesies of angels.' I wouldnt be here without them.

I think that we all need to pay attention in life. We need to wake up and recognize that indeed life itself is the greatest of miracles. We humans learn so fast and adapt so quickly that a lot of the finery is lost on us. We need to appreciate more. To borrow the cliche, we need to smell the roses.

It's all perspective. It's not how we look at things so much as how we 'see' them.

I remember reading Carlos Castaneda's book 'The Teachings of Don Juan' about his experiences with a Yaqui Indian shaman. Don Juan, the shaman, had to teach Castaneda how to 'See' all over again because, like all Westerners, Castaneda had 'learned' to see what he expected, what he wanted, and what he feared. But he missed what was there and he missed something much greater than that...he missed the bigger picture...and the personal metaphor.

'The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.' 'For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see...'Both quotes from the Gospels.

And how true that all is. You can't miss the Angels if you have such eyes...if you watch the sunrise...and you 'See.'

That's not spiritualism. That's philosophy. That's a perspective.

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