Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beam Me Up.

When I was growing up as a kid, I remember watching reruns of 'Star Trek' on television. And like anyone else who ever watched that show, I was pretty impressed with the technology they had. They had a cool ship. They had phasers that I wanted (and tried) to build (you never know what you'll need to shoot with a phaser when you are 11). And they had this nifty transporter thing that I still think would save me a lot of time going to and from ... well...anywhere.

Of all of the gadgets they used on 'Star Trek' I think there were two that really seemed personally useful (though I still think that a phaser would come in handy). One of them was the communicator and the other was the...'tricorder.'

I was wowed by the fact that when a big alien lizard creature was about to bash in Captain Kirk's big ego that he was chatting away on his hand held 'communicator' and talking to people without wires! Face it, the cell phone as we know it today is a radical departure from the phones of yesteryear. The alien was about to pounce...and there was Kirk...calling up 911 on his 'Star Trek' Motorola.

The 'Tricorder' was basically this little computer that Spock, the science officer, carried around with him to aid him with the plot direction. "I'm detecting a life form over this way..." he would say, pointing to a group of rocks. Moments later the guy in the red shirt next to him would die. "Fascinating."

Indeed. It makes you wonder if the tricorder had it in for the guys in the red shirts. Maybe somewhere 'up there' on the Enterprise the 'Banker' from 'Deal of No Deal' was getting his kicks by hacking into Spock's tricorder.

The point of all of this nonsense is that I, like a bazillion other people out there, now own an iPhone. If you dont have one of these phones then you undoubtedly have something just like it or very close to it! The iPhone is a marvel. You can make calls from the palm of your hand. There arent any wires at all! And, in addition to that, the iPhone doubles as a little computer. It sports hundreds, even thousands, of downloadable Applications that you can run from your phone including GPS, games, language translators, currency converters, and tons of commonplace utilities and work programs.

The iPhone is something we all saw on an old sci fi television show. Hell. It may even be better because with the iPhone you dont even need two separate technologies. And you can text too.

Of course if you are being attacked by a Reptile Alien...your nervous fingers might text something like...

'Beam my what Scotty!?'


'Been me up Scotty!'

Either way...if we don't evolve as quickly as our technology apparently does...
Then somebody is obviously getting the shaft.

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