Monday, December 1, 2008

What Women Want.

They're cute. They smell good. They like shoes. They drink a lot of Cosmopolitans.
That's it. That is the entire extent of my knowledge about women.

Ok. So I know a couple of other things about them. But mostly they remain a mystery to all men...all men except for safe men.

Damn me...but I'm not Ashley Wilkes. I'm Rhett Butler. And there is a certain peril in not being the usual comfortable guy. I'm complicated.

Take a look around and you'll find a lot of really beautiful, amazing and intelligent women hooked up or married to the most basic, dull and ... dare I say normal, guy that you will ever see.

I'm pretty sure by now that I know that attraction isnt so much about looks or money or big muscles or whatever. I could always use more myself! It's about psychology and being in the right place at the right time.

Me...I like the nice girl. I could never consider a party girl for anything other than friendship. Course I think I that I scare the bejeezus out of nice girls like that. It's because I'm just me. I live life like its a big carnival with lots of rides, rows of lights to guide me and friends to meet along the way.

I also think life is pretty amazing. I just cant sit by and build my picket fence when the Eiffel Tower is out there calling me. I wanna go there and look up at the full moon and think about the journey that brought me all that way.

I've been accused of being a romantic. I guess its true. When I was in love with the 'grail' we two wrote literally hundreds of pages of letters between one another. Blogs are nothing in comparison. I wrote her maybe fifty poems. It's wonderful to tap that far into the emotional reaches. It's music, song and symphony of the soul.

I'm sure by now that if you live your life with that kind of wild abandon that love brings you then you certainly 'feel' life more than the other guy. And if you dont have love in your life then it just 'feels' pretty bad!

My favorite memory of my entire life isnt climbing a pyramid or doing barrel rolls in a isnt riding a horse up the face of a cliff and it isnt scuba diving in my undershorts...its not building a snow igloo when I was ten so my dog could jump on isnt driving my corvette so fast down the Texas highways that it seemed to float changing isnt my first stolen kiss in a highrise...and it doesnt have a damn thing to do with any business I ever built.

My favorite memory is as simple as I am complicated. Its a memory of me eating a nestle crunch bar at Disneyworld and sharing it with the girl I loved. That's my happy place.

That's a long time gone now. She's gone now. And I'm still thinking about the view of that full moon over the Eiffel Tower.

I dont know a damn thing about women. I do, however, know a lot more about myself...because of them.

Ahh those wonderful lights in my Carnival.

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