Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small Woodland Creatures

There is just no tasteful way to explore such a truly, touchy subject...without just diving in.

A lot of people used to talk about the hole in the ozone layer. That was a big deal for a while. Everyone missed their ozone. Then we all worried about the Spotted Owl. Poor thing. More recently, people all over the world are carrying on about Global Warming. The ice is melting! We're gonna run outta ice!

It's easy to worry about things that go on 'over there' or 'somewhere else.' Too often that's all we really think about. We never really see the forest for the time.

Trends come and go. And it's always those 'Trendy' types who go running hell bent for leather after them. It kind of reminds me of the end credits of a Benny Hill episode when he is being chased by all of those girls wearing nothing but helmets. Or maybe it doesnt really remind me of that...but I like the mental picture.

What would our world be like if all of the kids were outside playing frisbee with their friends or hula hooping by their dad's 57 Chevy? Or imagine if everyone you know still wore Members Only jackets out to the bars or if they listened to 8 track tapes instead of their iPods?

It would be pandemonium I say! Those were FADS. They ran off into the sunset like Benny Hill...and the Trendy Types went right off the side of the cliff. We hope.

The current trend/fad I'm talking about is, of course, deforestation. All over the US, small woodland creatures are running for the hills. With deforestation such a widespread phenomenon there is no longer cover in the bush.

What's happening out there!? Who is responsible for this!?

Technology is actually making it possible for these small woodland creatures never to return to their au natural habitats. What will come of this when the tides of time turn?

Pandemonium! ... Oh wait. I already said that.

While I myself do not advocate a return to the jungle...I do miss the Mystery of those grand old days. The more we resist our nature the more we lose ourselves in the stark rhyme and meter of our technosophistications. What makes humanity beautiful in the first place is the very vulnerability of our 'civilized' self in the face of millions of years of animal evolution.

When I am seated across from my date, drinking wine at a fancy restaurant, I cant help but almost feel the heart that is beating with real life right in front of my eyes. There is a sense of pure nature at work. It is a sense of the animal. It is instinctual. It is primal. And that is what makes 'it' so familiar, so exhilerating and so ... human.

If we are going to accept this 'deforestation' then we should make it universal. Let's take the lion's mane, the horses tail. Well...we can leave a little...a small strip or something.

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