Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Concede and Congratulate the President Elect!

Hello America.

Today, millions of you awoke from one man and one party's dream of America. You rose from that quiet night rubbing your eyes and a little nervous that that dream might have continued.But, together, you stepped outside into the light and made your way to a place that dreams are made of...your election headquarters.

I don't care if you woke up a Republican. And I don't care if you woke up a Democrat. Either way, today you, and millions like you, made a decision to change the status quo, to change the way things are for the better...and to make that change your future.

There is real hope in the kind of American Democracy that We The People share. There is clear and bright life in the American Dream. The Way is still open and is still Red, White and Blue. I am grateful that our system works and that the citizens of the United States of America can disagree with one another and yet find real solidarity in the undivided hope and faith in our Great and Proud Society of Liberty.

Thanks to Senator John McCain and to Governor Sarah Palin for doing their best to represent the ideology of so many Americans. In the midst of so much economic and social adversity, they managed the good fight and made a valiant effort. Thanks to those Americans who supported them. It is victory enough to stand up and let your voice be heard...to exist and to resist.

This is an historic day for America. Today, the first African American President was elected to the highest office in the nation and, arguably, the world. It is clear that those who marched to follow the great Martin Luther King did indeed make a difference and that, in America, those who gather in the name of Freedom...will be heard.

And so I Congratulate the President Elect, Barack Obama and his running mate, Vice President Elect Joseph Biden on their victory. I am grateful to those who awoke today believing that a dream can become reality.

I am not a Partisan. I am an American. I know that as long as the American People have the power to make their voices heard then the Soul of America is True. I know that as long as the American People have faith in that dream of freedom then it is no man, but freedom that will reign.

The future of America is indeed within our power to decide. It is in our office that the President Elect must govern by our will. We must never forget that We are the Government. We are the real Commanders in Chief. Now, we must not lull ourselves back to sleep, restful in our dream. We must awaken, and as a People work to see to it that our Dream becomes a reality. It is finally, after all, in our hands.

Thank you America.

And Goddess Bless. ;)

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