Tuesday, November 4, 2008


News Flash! Though I have bartended for years and had four liquor licenses; though I am single and therefore am doomed to casual, occassional drinking; though I am a Shriner; and even though I am of Irish blood...

I really dont like to drink all that much.

As a point of fact, I dont really have ANY addictions of note...not alcohol, drugs, gum, cigars, sex, ...even movies (and lord...I love movies). I'm kind of boring.

My problem, however, is I'm more or less a 'go with the flow' guy and the waters I'm 'flow going' in are pretty hazardous to my health. Being a bartender and owning bars...you're around alcohol all of the time. Being a Shriner...it goes without saying! And when you are single, you mingle. And mingling usually involves alcohol.

I'm social and that puts me in the line of fire. Who likes to just sit around by themselves? Not I.

This Halloween left me looking like my costume on the morning after. Night of the Living Fundead...wasnt so fun when I woke up. Oh...my aching everything.

Sure...being Irish I CAN drink a lot. In fact, I have the kind of constitution that imperils friends of mine who try to keep up. But it's not a race...and I have better, more constructive things to do than drink!

So give me a break when I order that Diet Coke! Who needs to be fat from beer and hungover?

Ugh...not I.

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