Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Myself

Like any other disaster in my life, Birthdays come every year. As with any other birthday, I will simply rest in my denial and find as many clever ways to lie about my age as I possibly can.

Of course...I really havent changed all that much. I'd like to tighten up here and there but that has nothing to do with age. That's beer. And beer is a double edged sword.

Thus far, everything still works like its supposed to. My eyes are getting weaker but they were always problematic for me. There is a plus side to that. All of the 8s are now 10s and all of the 5s are in the ballpark.

I dont really want anything for my birthday except the usual...a castle, a Goddess and the power to fly. That about sums it up for me.

I have enough material things to clutter my desk and make a nightmare of my spare bedroom. Walking around in my closet is a lot like stumbling aimlessly through a college dorm...minus the pizza boxes which, at this age, I now have learned to throw in the garbage after a few days.

Some of my friends have advanced the idea of taking me out and giving me shots and drinks all night long. I'm wondering about those friends. I think, perhaps, they secretly have plans to kill me. It doesnt help that they have names like Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum and Mr. Green.

"It was Colonel Mustard in the bar with the round of shots."


November 10th makes me a Scorpio. We Scorps get a bad rap because we are associated with Sex and Death. Hmmm. Maybe I should start having that round of shots.

At any rate, I will have to say that Pisces, the supposed match for Scorpio, has been good for me. Of course, it has also left me high and dry a few times which is what makes those damn shots so momentarily appealing.

Today is also the birthday for the United States Marine Corps. That's a good sign and may bode well if Miss Scarlet takes me into the library ... with the rope.

Wait...why would I fight that off!? Isnt that what birthdays are for?

Maybe I'll get a tie.

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