Saturday, October 11, 2008

For Love of Blonde

Guilty as charged. I'm a fan of the series 'Chuck' on NBC. Sure, sure...maybe it IS Chuck's beautiful blonde love interest on the show that I like best. She reminds me of someone. Still, I really kind of identify with this basic guy that gets drawn into all kinds of really crazy situations. His problem...he likes the blonde girl.

I'm something of a dyed in the wool romantic. Of course, I love all of the macho Clint Eastwood westerns and explosion a minute guy movies...but I really like good love stories. Maybe its because my own love story was ...what can I say? Boy gets girl...something terrible happens to girl...boy tries to save girl...boy loses girl. Yeah. Sucked. But that was years ago! Now...I have 'Chuck' to watch.

I've done a lot of crazy things myself for blonde girls over the years...a few brunettes too I might add. I've known some amazing girls over the years who have basically tolerated me while they made the world a better place to be in.

Love is cool. Of course, I'm really bad at it. You cant really choose who you love and that's my problem. I'm always mad about the flibber de gibbets...the ones who light up a room when they walk in.

I'm something of an emotional mess after what I've experienced but that's exactly why those exciting free spirits get under my skin...and through my nuclear reinforced, titanium, pleximantium walls.

Living a full life, so far, I carry a lot of amazing memories. One of my favorites was my favorite blonde, in full dress and make up, getting out of the car in the middle of a driving rain and coaxing me to dance with her. I can still see her with her arms spread out to the sky and then looking right at me as if to say...'Let go.' After that...I couldnt.

I meet a lot of girls as a bartender and bar owner. But I'm not the one night kind of guy. I'd rather have a glass of wine in good quiet company, with a little Beethoven playing in the background. Ahhh...bliss.

I hope that romance isnt dead these days. It should never be used coarsely ... to just get laid ... as it so very often is. Romance is the point I think. But for me, its either there or it isnt. I follow the dancing Muse. 'Let go!' she whispers. 'Live in the eye of the peace in the changes and struggles without...because the center...I am."

Bravo my Muse! For want of love there is daring...there is giving...there is sacrificing...and yes...there is dancing too!

Too cautious am I. The fall is a long one. I should know.

Be not so cautious my friends. For life is short and the fall, should you, is worth it. I have seen the sun rise. And then I have seen the sunrise.

Do you hear that music playing? Turn the speakers down and the drivel on the playlist.'s a bit of Beethoven...'The Emperor' I think. That's it... Let go.

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