Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drink List

I think that everyone has their own unique habits and preferences. That's what makes us who we are and seperates us from the herd.


For instance, I really don't drink all that much ... but I do like socializing around drinks ... if that makes any sense. My fellow bartender pals like Jonathan and Drex like to give me a hard time for drinking 'girly' drinks. I admit it! I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I love a good chocolaty Mudslide. And I wont turn my nose up if you offer me a Naughty Schoolgirl or a Banana Daquiri.

I started liking drinks like that after bartending for a decade and serving so many shots and straight pours that my senses starting tuning out. Ten years ago, my ONLY drinks were Capt and Cokes and Fosters beer. I did a lot of shots back then too. Mostly, I was just making them for the girls that came to the bar.

Of course, I DO like a good Bombay Sapphire martini. Don't give me any of that 'super dry' ... spray the glass... crap. In my book, if it doesnt have Vermouth then it's a freaking shot and just doesnt qualify as a real martini. I like a good one count of dry Vermouth to wet the tongue a bit. Olives are a must. They give it texture and just the right twist of flavor.

That's as close to James Bond as I get...when it comes to martinis.

These days I enjoy a good Guinness beer. It must be very cold and then it has this wonderful, full bodied taste. It's kind of a 'meal' beer ... when you've finished with your Lite beer appetizers. Speaking of those, I prefer Michelob Ultra or Miller Genuine 64. I'm counting calories.

Being an Irish guy, it can take a LOT to get me properly toasted. But I never go out with the intention of getting drunk...unless its a cause for undue celebration or absolute depression.

When it comes to wine, I'm a red wine drinker. I like a good Cabernet or a rich Merlot. I don't spare a taste bud for Whites. They all taste like wine coolers to me. If anything is going to get to me...its wine. After a few glasses of Franciscan I'm getting pretty happy...or I'm sharpening my razor blades.

After all is said and done and I have left the drinks behind the closed doors of the local watering hole, I almost always reach out to the last drink of the night...chocolate milk. You heard me.

Chocolate milk is the Goddess's own. It picks me up in the middle of the night, soothes my palette and sends me to bed...a happy single.

I think that a person's drink list says a lot about them. I'm a bartender so I have good cause to believe the way that I do. What does mine say about me?

I'll leave that for someone else to decide. For now...Cheers!


Matthew Siegmann said...

Hey Scott,

We're going to have to work our way through "The Bartender's Standard Manual" by Fred Powell. It has more gin drinks then you can shake a stick at. I don't know how you are on gin but I noticed the right kind of gin mixes well and most mixed gin drinks are excellent! As for me, you can't beat a damn good Tom Collins! :-D

Freestyle said...

Well Matt, I actually do like gin. I dont think you can beat a good gin martini for just a purist drinking experience.

I also like a gin and tonic now and then. Although, they tend to disagree with my digestion something awful. That may be the issue I have with gin in particular.

Otherwise...I like it.

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