Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boy in the Bubble

Well...what do you think of this?,2933,430943,00.html

There is a new theory that the Earth may be "stuck in the middle with you." Basically, the science posits that Earth is in a super sparse void of the Universe....a special place. This 'void' may account for our scientific observation of Universal Acceleration. Basically, the idea of 'dark energy' etc may simply result because we exist in the ass end of space.


Are we really in a 'bubble' of sparse spacetime? Is this how it has to be?

Scientists are a bit pissed because they think this theory flies in the face of the Copernican maxim that the Earth just isnt very special at all. We scratch our asses with the Earth they butts about it. How could we deserve to belong in the ass end?

Are we special? Does Earth deserve to ride on the short bus of planets? Philosophically, the more we try to make ourselves 'average' ... maybe the more special we become. And what's wrong with that?

Oh my Goddess. Next they'll be telling us that we matter...that we have...omg...personal meaning.


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