Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shot Quest!

Well. Barnes and Noble was gracious enough to allow me to be in their store following an attack on me last weekend by a nutcase. Good thing that scalding Starbucks coffee in my face didnt turn me into the Phantom of the Opera! Whew!

The higher ups at Barnes deliberated on the incident and then warned me to "behave." I intend to do that. I'll do everything in my power not to be randomly attacked in their store again. I suppose that I should be on good "behavior" everywhere else in life too. You just never know....

All that aside...I decided to head to Fedora tonight to hang out with friends. I also knew that they were low on coffee and the chance that I would be assaulted for my "behavior" was low.

Jonathan was working and I found a plethora of friends to hang out with at the bar. Astonishingly, most of them were traveling Irishman! Imagine my surprise and my happiness! I'm an Irishman as well you know! Kelly is a family name.

I dodged the place after a while with my fellow Fedora bartender Wes and we hit the square on a quest for shots. We each managed three of them! Hooray! We squared it off with Lunchbox shots back on home territory. Why not!? It was even better than random coffee in the face at Barnes!


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