Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Man!

Well, you can go ahead and count me among the bazillion other people who watch 'Heroes' on NBC. To be perfectly honest, I'm an Ali Larter fan. She had me at whipped cream bikini in 'Varsity Blues.' I kept an eye out for her and voila! She's a villain on 'Heroes.'

Figures. I always seem to hook up with the bad girls.

At any rate, there is apparently a serum in that show that can make anyone...I said anyone...develop super powers. According to the story each person can develop different super abilities based on their own genetic variances.

Hmmm. It makes you wonder doesnt it?

Of course, my life is pretty fricken crazy. I'd like to think that I would develop some really cool super powers like flight, magnetism, invisibility or mind control. That last one would be really, really useful after all. But I doubt it. As weird as my life is, I imagine I'd have some pretty silly superpowers.

I'd be Random Man.

You heard me. Random Man.

"Oh my gosh! Godzilla is attacking the city...again!"

"We really should do something about that Godzilla problem."

"Hey! He's trying to eat the place that I work at! Cool!"

"We had better call for help! Lets try the police!"

"Godzilla already ate the police."

"The army...?"

"Yeah...ate them too."

"This is a job for R...A...N...D...O...M ...... M...A...N!!!!!"

"Did somebody call Random Man!?"

"Random Man you came! Quick do something."

"I am! I'm mopping the floor and building a bridge out of toothpicks!"

Yeah. I'd be something like that. Ali Larter...look out! Here comes... canned tuna.

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