Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I_ T_at a J_b?

I got to thinking about some of the really strange jobs that people have. We're all familiar with the basics and that's why they seem so boring. Accountant. Boring. Lawyer. Boring. Teacher. Boring. I guess a lot of jobs can be exciting on TV. But we're used to these jobs. These are normal jobs.

Think about Vanna White for a second though. She's been on 'Wheel of Fortune' for so long now that the show has technologically advanced enough for her to stop turning letters and to simply push a button to light them up. It's weird watching her light up letters because I know they don't really need her to do that. They can light those letters up remotely. But Vanna White IS 'Wheel of Fortune.' One day I suspect someone will be animating her or something...or just pushing her around in a 'Wheel'chair so she can light up some letters.

What kind of job is that? Is there a lot of stress in letter turning? When Vanna kicks the bucket will some smartass put light up letters over her grave? And what do you win if you can solve the puzzle?

Don't get me wrong. I like Vanna. When she was young, I wanted to M_k_ _wee_ L_ve T_ Vanna like every other red blooded American guy. But that job has got to be getting to her.

On the other hand, letter turning is kind of a cush gig if you think about it. I could do it. You could do it. We just couldnt do it like she can.

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