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Republicrats Unite!!

Ok. Ok. So I'm not exactly on the ballot this year. Minor oversight on the part of some committee involved with a commission in charge of a bureaucracy. Whew. Now I certainly sound like a politician. Isnt it all doublespeak anyway?

As for myself, I'm a Republicrat. Yep...you heard me right. I'm a Republicrat. Basically, I find myself in agreement with issues on both sides of the fence. So, does that make me a fence sitter? Oh the horror. Well...you bet your sweet ass it does! I'm a bit sore from sitting in the middle like this but...

Let's start here. For all of my Liberal and Conservative friends, one must remember that both Buddha and Jesus advocated Republicratism. Buddha espoused 'The Middle Way' and Jesus said 'Turn the Other Cheek.' Yep. Republicrats - both of em. For you Conservatives that are pissed because you think Jesus was a Conservative...are you kidding? Seriously. First, I'd tend to agree with Jung on the idea of religion in general. Last...anyone that wore his hair like that in the 60s was a Liberal. Jesus looks like a hippy and he was hanging out with prostitutes (Sorry Mary - I know its crap but that's the general conception). That would qualify him for just about any Grateful Dead concert. Hmm. Didnt Anne Coulter go to Grateful Dead concerts too? Maybe Anne has some Republicrat in her. I can only hope. She's kind of cute.

Why a Republicrat? I didnt start this way. I'm a good Irish, Protestant escaping, Catholic boy turned Spiritualist. Again...you see how complicated things are? At any rate, I've voted my conscience as well as my anger, my hope as well as my fear and at the end of the day, when the results are in I've been left a little shy of both. There's too much hand wrangling in Washington, too much intolerance in the so-called Heartland, and too many 'good vibrations' on the coast. What I've been left
with or ...ahem...right with, is an either or. And I'm not happy about that.

Look at some of the issues under the knife at the moment:

1. The War in Iraq. - Ok. I dont like war. In fact, I hate the idea of war. On the other hand it makes for a great crop of summer movie blockbusters. Still. It's just no ones idea of a good time who's over there.

Iraq is a tough call. Saddam was nuts and I dont take that on faith in the media. I know some guys that served there as well as a guy in the Republican Guard. Saddam was nuts. On one hand you cant let this wacko - in good conscience - slaughter masses of innocent people. But on the other hand is it America's job to do something about it? Where exactly do our borders lie? If we are standing up as a Country for every moral issue out there then I have some teachers from my gradeschool days that I'd like to Shock and Awe.

Clearly there are other concerns in Iraq. Yeah yeah yeah. There's the oil and commerce thing. But its a good point in some respects because our economy depends on oil. There's the Israel thing too. Even if you're not on the hard right you just cant argue that Israel is like our Cuba in the East. It's good to have an ally ...right there.

Problematically, we face our worst challenges in the conflict of ideologies and cultural differences in dealing with matters in the Middle East. Unless its genocide, which is ostensibly why we extricated Saddam, then War just doesnt change hearts and minds. Just think about WWI and its effect on the German people before WWII. The effect? They were freakin pissed.

Should we be in Iraq. I think that's a 50/50. But now that we are there I think we damn well better not leave our soldiers without a way to win it like we did in Nam. Do we just bring them home? I want to...when we can stabilize the place a little better. Maybe are boys need more bullets and we need better diplomats and cultural emissaries.

2. Stem Cell Research - Heres a fun one. This one ties right into the issue of Abortion.

I think that we're either a Free country or we're not...for better or for worse so we should be FREE to make choices. I dont think we SHOULD kill babies. But I think in the end our choices tend to work like Darwins laws. I dont really want my tax money even going to taxes to be fair. And if its going to support things like Abortion etc maybe I should complain. But I want America to be the country of Natural Selection through Election. The fact that there is debate on issues like this is healthy. And health is what Stem Cell Research could help promote for millions.

3. Education - Please please please give teachers more money. First of all, they work in an environment more dangerous than the postal service. They are also the bridges of learning that our country offers its millions of hungry young minds. Harry Potter is not an education and niether is MTV, though that might qualify for Sex Ed. If you're my age and you havent read Moby Dick - if you cannot appreciate culture and art and history and philosophy as much as the latest Adam Sandler flick - then you are already a Drop Out. You have dropped out of Life. Sure I like Sandler. I even watch the MTV Video Music Awards every year. But I can still tell you who Starbuck was, where the Pequod sailed and that Nietzsche looked into the Abyss and that his Abyss was Germany's use of his work later.

4. Taxes - How about a Flat Tax. That's a hell of a lot easier to figure out at tax time. I agree that tax credits drive the corporate economy and that this can be essential. But Wal Mart is big enough. Why are we giving our money to Corporations? By definition these 'Corp (Lat. Corpse/Body) orations' are people just like us. Only. They dont exist. They dont care about your sick baby. They dont care if you live or die unless you buy their stuff. I know. I've had seven of them.

5. Health - I heard recently that there is a new business going into the Wal Marts of America (refer to 4. Surprise!) that offers quick and affordable health care to the average health 'consumer.' Health care is big business. The big pharma companies are most concerned about their own health (again...refer to 4) and so they spend most of their money on Advertising instead of Research. Hmmm. This paragraph may cause stom mild stomach discomfort and possible bloating as a result of the author's bloviating. Discontinue reading this paragraph if your vision becomes blurred, if you feel the need to urinate or if you have a sudden panic attack because the author is right about something.

On one hand there is subsidized medicine and on the other there is the hat trick of pray you have insurance or perish. They arent kidding. I know too many people that simply cannot afford health care or vital medications. Canada was in vogue for a while but some in office saw that as a problem. Ahh..the FDA that safeguards our health all the way up to the point when we have to sue because Vioxx made it through and screwed us.

Personally. I think that health care should be free. That's one thing I dont mind paying out of my taxes. It could be a lot cheaper if the drug companies didnt charge ten times more for what you can buy the drug for over the counter in the generic brand.

This issue reminds me of the abortion issue. I guess its because it is about the value of human life. Maybe the problems with affordable health care are just another form of Natural Selection. And that's another matter entirely in health care. I know a Doctor or two who question the validity of keeping people alive on machines or allowing babies to live artificially that otherwise wouldnt have made it. Are we becoming a soft species or are we finally mastering our environment and our ability to survive?

Dont ask me. I'm a fence sitter.

6. Immigration - I'm Irish so my family were immigrants. Come to think of it, unless you are a Native American (including the Indians of South America and the Mexicans) then you too are an immigrant. He who is without sin.......
I love Mexican food and my first love was a beautiful Mexican girl. Ahh...the long black hair...the beautiful green eyes..........

Oh. Sorry. I got sidetracked. I love Mexicans and I love Europeans (dated a French girl so viva le France), I think Russians are dandy (dated a ...oh...you get the idea) so let em in!! Lets give the Mexicans and other hard working folks who want to join us the key to the city. It's a hell of a lot better way to make friends and build a country than Imperialism. Just keep in mind that we have to screen our borders of bad elements like Terrorists for one who might find a way to bring some WMDs across and blow the crap out of our veritable ethnic orgy we have going on here in the melting pot. Point is. Let's protect our borders...for ALL of us.

7. Religion - Separation of Church and State. That should be a no brainer. But why then are people packing up the Ten Commandments and hauling them out of public building where they were for decades before? Oh ... Church and State you say? Hmm. Should we change History as well? I didnt care for the Holocaust much. Should we forget it ever happened? I think History is our culture and should be left alone. State in my opinion had to do with running things as they are. I think that if we leave God out of it then we can only blame ourselves. God - or Goddess - will get involved if She needs to. There's always the comet thing.

These are just some of my Republicrat musings. I wanted the best for Pres Bush and I have to say I really liked John Kerry. Now we have Obama and McCain making their run. Ok. May the best American Voter win.

Clinton kept me in stitches on SNL and let it be said that Reagan warmed my heart while I was hiding under my desk from threat of Nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. (Dont do the age math. It's not fair to anyone). O'Reilly is sorely in need of a pet turtle named Oscar that Santa forgot to give him on Christmas many years ago. Rumsfeld needs some Gold Bond and a trip to Disneyworld where he can relax. Ted Kennedy? Aw c'mon. Has it ever been that fun to be a Kennedy in the long run? Now his health is kicking his ass. Give Ted a break.

Obama is an American. McCain is an American. The Bushes are Americans. The Clintons are Americans. Bob Dole AND Al Gore....yep...more Americans. Is that the thing to remember? Maybe...but they're human first.

What kind of person really wants to HATE the other side so much? Surely not an American.

I'm a Proud American, Irish and all. I'm a fence sitting Republicrat.

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