Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics as Unusual

So who else out there is watching the Political Conventions besides me? Sure, I know that they amount to a lot of hot air, gloss and fascile political pageantry. But whoa! They are entertaining!

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up last night following a rousing speech by the Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama. And just today, his opponent, Senator John McCain announced Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin, as his running mate. There's just a lot going on!

Times are changing and I couldnt be happier. Either way, both tickets look a lot different than they did years ago. It's a guarantee now that we will have either the first American black President or the first American woman Vice President. That's the kind of change I like to see.

It was a smart choice for McCain to pick Sarah. People are going to be absolutely riveted to their televisions next week for the Republican National Convention. I know I will.

I admit. I kind of like both Candidates this time around. I mean we could all do a lot worse. I think we have. Clearly they are both fine American examples...all the political garbage aside. The real question lies outside of the party dynamics. The real question has to do with the individual issues forwarded by the two gentlemen in question.

I think, however, that more people ought to pay attention to their local and statewide political scene. A lot of those little irritating laws and taxes you dont like, you just might have voted for when you voted a straight party ticket.

With the Presidential Candidates shaking it up this year, I think we Americans should make some changes too. This time lets vote on the issues of the Country.

I'm pleased that America has come as far as it has when I look at the lineup on the political tickets. These new faces represent fresh outlooks and unique American perspectives. It's overdue either way.

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