Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Gone Fishing!

Women are my favorite subject. I just love em. They're cute. They smell good. They bake if you're lucky and they accessorize. When I was very young, one of them shuttled me about in her tummy. I experienced Shakey's pizza that way. Yum!! I'll always love Jerry Lee Lewis now!

I wasnt fortunate enough to have sisters but most of my family are wonderful, beautiful and gifted young ladies that I like to brag to my friends about. I watch out for em when I can and beam with pride no matter what they do right or wrong. I'd count myself as very blessed to have a daughter of my own. I can just imagine filling her mind up with thoughts of world domination and female supremacy. I might name her 'Senator' or 'Doctor' something or other.

In all my years, women have played the most important roles in my life. I just cannot imagine a world without women...and I certainly wouldnt want to.

I'm not exactly an expert on the subject...no man is. But, I have been fortunate enough to know some really amazing women. And I've learned a lot from those gals. I paid attention. At one time I actually went to school with 44 girls. That's 44 women and just 1 me. It was at a salon and I quickly learned that almost everything I, as a man, thought I knew about the opposite sex was wrong...or misunderstood.

Which brings me to my point. What do we really know about women?

We all have our suspicions. In fact, I wager that we almost pride ourselves in knowing what makes a woman tick....like she's a clock or something! But woman is the perennial mystery that baffled even the likes of Sigmund Freud who remarked that "after thirty years of research into the feminine soul...the great question that has never been answered (is) what does a woman want?"
Here here. But the short answer is...shoes. And lots of them!

The really sad thing is that culture and society always seems to blow it completely when it comes to understanding and appreciating women. Millennia ago, societies were matriarchal rather than patriarchal and so mothers and sisters and wives were honored as were the more feminine pursuits. Now, however, cultures seem to base almost all of their appreciation on one thing...sex.

Hey. Sex is great...I agree! Fun stuff! But somehow the message gets lost on all of those beer ads and magazine racks that women ... are society. They are also mothers, and sisters and wives and daughters. They...are us. As male as I am...as much as I love a good Eastwood western...I just might have a daughter. A girl might come from me down the family vine.

Shmuley Boteach (yes that is his real name) wrote a book called 'Hating Women' in which he said all of this before. He lamented that we all routinely receive pornographic emails that effectively degrade our society and our species. And we pay no attention simply because we are used to it and that's just how it is. Women are even going along with it now. Girls are going Wild and it's cool. Playboy is in, as is porn. Heard of Jenna Jameson? If you havent...well....you're missing out.

Purile objectification is dangerous. It works both ways and guys dont necessarily like it either. These days its a go with the flow. Only, too often the genders are bashing each other, which is stupid since we are really one species...one humanity.

Am I a hypocrite? You betcha! But what I am not is a misogynist. I really love women as people. The fact that I can pick up a Playboy is my instinct kicking into overdrive and pumping in massive ccs of testosterone.

We boys are supposed to be attracted to women...that's nature. It's literally a no brainer. I dont have a problem with society...which is after all half female, marketing sex, promoting sexuality or stuff like that. Again...it's birds and the bees baby.

But we have to remember to appreciate the differences in the sexes, applaud them and be happy that we really arent all the same after all. Society needs to really like women as they are...not try to chase them around in hack and slash cinema or throw them into the bitch role in a courtroom drama.

I'm a guy and I like sex and tanks and guns and sports and beer and pizza and bullfights. Yes...I like bullfights. I'll wear a suit of armor and slash my way through a legion of persian soldiers with gusto. I'll scratch whatever the hell I want to...on my time!

But there's something else in the room. She's cute...she's curvy and she seems fascinated with her nails. While I'm blowing up tripoli, shes catching up on Grey's Anatomy. And while I'm arm wrestling jackbears at the local pub she's taking dancing lessons.

Maybe I dont understand her...women. But just the fact that something with such depth of feeling and emotion can survive in this world reminds me that there is more to this world to be experienced and enjoyed than just mastering its perils and unknowns....which is exactly what we men try to do with everything... including women.

It's just much better to enjoy them.

Have fun girls! I'm just glad you're here!

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