Friday, August 15, 2008

Cave People

I think people are vastly overcomplicating their lives. These days people seem to work harder than ever. And if they somehow don't have enough work to occupy their time then they find ways to create some kind of personal drama in their world be it through relationships or some means of escape.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone tell me..'I know I was meant for a greater purpose in life. I'm meant to do great things!' Oh the ego. And it's silly. In a minute I'll even tell you why.

You have the rich guy, the beautiful girl or any other grab bag stereotype just pounding away through the days and years at some kind of invisible wall. The gist is that something can be won at the end of the day. You're getting somewhere. And maybe they are. I just think that most of them are lost though. Most of them are pounding away on the wall and don't have a clue as to what's making them do that.

Don't you love it when people argue about religion? My God is better than your God. My Karma ate your Dogma! That just seems like a really great way to complicate your life. Buddha, it is said, wouldnt discuss the nature of reality because he insisted such discussions were pointless. I guess Buddha thought that the point of living had something to do with doing just that. Why complicate things. Buddha didnt think you should. But then, you could always bother to check that out or argue with it because you know of a better approach to God.

Let's not even get started on relationships. Right now I wish Buddha was my personal Dr. Phil. He would no doubt tell me to just 'Go with the Flow.' Is Flow a person? People have been telling me to do that for years and maybe only now am I getting this. She has probably been pissed at me for like a decade. 'When is Scott coming!? I need to Go!!!'

Relationships are way too complicated to begin with. Take sex for instance. I slept through Human Sexuality 101 but I managed to perk up at the naughty bits. And boy...were they complicated. I thought everything was A and B. But there were cycles and growth stages and arousal states, and psychodynamics. Should I have brought a calculator or a slide rule to that class? Maybe so. In all of my years of school I always got straight As! Bravo me! Except for Human Sex. I got a B in that damn class because it started at 7 in the morning. Frankly, I was just getting out of lab at that time.

Let it be said. I got a B in Sex. If it only wasnt so damn complicated!

My friends lives are filled with drama. And I can most certainly relate. We have drama at work...problems with people we date, family, the taco bell drive through people. Drama!!

There has to be a reason for all of this overcomplication...right? Remember that higher purpose I mentioned before? People always seem to think that their personal saavy or higher purpose will explain all of their drama and realize their true potential thus making their lives less complicated. It's a psychological thing. We're all searching for meaning in lives filled with vast amounts of pointless reflection and activity. Buddha is laughing.

Consider yourself a caveman...or a cavewoman. Keep in mind that it wasnt so very long ago that we didnt have cell phones to enslave our time or cars to show off. We didnt watch tv and if Brad Pitt was in the cave next door then he was probably not being stalked by the paparazzi. A saber tooth tiger...maybe.

The point is, I think most people have lost the point. We're all big babies. We did just fine living together in tribes and caves. We have to eat and we need shelter from the elements. We like to be around each other because the world is scary. It's pretty basic stuff.

As we get older, we really enjoy chasing each other around and doing the nasty. I dont know about you, but I have seen a caveman movie or two and I think that I would have chased Daryl Hannah all over hell and back. Now the saber tooths drive better cars than I do. They are just a more complicated form of a pain in my ass.

You're gonna die. Screw the great purpose. Stop building your stairway to heaven and spend some time fingerpainting on your cave walls. Cave People dont lead complicated lives. They dont need Dr. Phil and they dont obsess about being thin enough or rich enough to be liked by other Cave People. Cave People actually watch the sun rise and watch the sun set. Somewhere in the middle they see God...they hang out with God. They dont have to go looking for that miracle because they noticed it in the first place.

The point a little! Oh. And leave Daryl Hannah to me.

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