Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scott Free

I am not scott, whatever that is.
It is a name and not a reality.
I make my own way,
I make my choices and live with it
I think the way I want to think,
I believe in my own version of heaven
Listening to God’s voice as I hear her.
I am not bound by a faith, religion, science
or even a philosophy.
There is no dogma or politic to suit me.
I’ll look the way I want to see the world
my way.
I’ll decide and then change my mind.
Life is change and process. Such things, as I am, are living
Letting go is living free.
Love is letting in, not holding on.
And if I love it All, then I have let go of holding One.
So I’ll forgive the shadows of memory.
And I’ll forgive myself.
The angels praise forever for there is no life in
mourning, no life in fear, no life in the past.
There is only life in change, in Now.
I have let go of the name. I am Scott free.
Wrong or right? Only what is true is real.
I do not borrow the breath of life from Mother Earth.
I am that earth, that sky, that mystery.
I am free.
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