Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chill 2 You Reunion Tour!


The guys are getting the band back together!!
That's right.

Chill 2 You! is making an historic comeback.

Billboard had this to say....

"It's extraordinary. THE seminal boy band of the early 90s seems to have overcome their differences. The word is getting out that they are actually going to reunite for a ground breaking series of concerts across the world. Chill 2 You defined the sounds of The Backstreet Boys, Nsync and a host of knockoffs to follow. What was the gift that these guys had? The world had lost it. Somehow, by the grace of a higher power, the world may just get one more shot to see real musical greatness."

Not bad.

How about this tidbit from the COVER of Rolling Stone Magazine...

"More Chills and Thrills from 90s MegaBoy Band...Chill 2 You.'

And from the Rolling Stone article...

"The Beatles...Led Zeppellin...and Chill 2 You. These bands will be forever and indelibly remembered as the greatest of modern musical genius. Still, as much as we know about the boys from Liverpool or Plant and Page...what do we really know about the only boy band to receive the honor of being called a 'Megaboy' band? Not much as it turns out.

Born in Dussex Hamptons, a stone's throw from Westminster Abbey, John 'Chiles' Moansworthy began his musical career singing on the streets of that very same city. Playing gigs from pub to pub it wasnt long before he decided to turn his solo act into something more. Thus he added the beatbox and the pretty boy vocalizing of Money P Waters.

Moansworthy and P Waters took the streetcorners and local dive bars by storm. It wasnt long before the 'boys from Dussex Hamptons, a stone's throw from Westminster Abbey' signed with a local label and headed to America...toward inevitable fame and fortune."

Of course...we all know the story after that. And its a sad one. What is it they say about shooting stars?

At any rate, this is what VH1s Behind the Music aired concerning the shocking breakup of Chill 2 You...

"The rivalries between Moansworthy, P Waters, F Duckham and Tool simply destroyed the once immensely promising Megaboy Band. Rumors of drug use and sexual deviancy only served to make things worse between the boys.

F Duckham had this to say about the deteriorating relationship within the band. 'It was getting really bad you know. Moansworthy resented P Waters cause he was sleeping with all the groupies. I resented P Waters because he was sleeping with all the groupies. Tool was the only one that didnt seem bothered by it all. But, as everyone knows now, he was sleeping with P Waters too. F$%king Tool.'

Things were never so bad as they were following their triumphant performance at Madison Square Garden. Manager Dicky Bender had managed to fleece the band of virtually all of their earnings in the US spending the money on psychic hotline calls and other 900 numbers.
When the Megaboys found out...that's when the bullets started flying.
Dicky Bender lost the Chill 2 You fortune over the phone...and his life for doing it.

Of course, the murder remains unsolved. Speaking for the band, Tool had this to say...'Dirty bastard had it coming to him. Fell like a rag doll. That's what I read.'"

The Chill 2 You phenom bears some impressive credentials:

10 Platinum Albums
More than 7 number one hits including the memorable...
'Floss me somethin special honey'
'Cruise that moneymaker'
'Git ma bizness up dat'
'My banks run dry...start shootin people'
'Fly fly fly'
'I'm in love again...once more'
'Tears dont stain like what's on your dress.'

And their megaplatimun, smash supersong...

.... yea...ohhh...that's riiiiiight. I got your bone right here....never fear....
roll over rover....gonna treat you right...real more chains of love...this love dont play dead...just gonna walk you down that aisle a pet....oh girl.

Yes. Who could forget that magic? Now. You wont have to.

Chill 2 You is back together. Moansworthy has left the ashram in India to seek the stage once more. F Duckam is leaving behind his stint as American Idol backup judge and Tool will take some time away from his new show 'American Rehab.'

Sadly, P Waters succumbed to a litany of sexually transmitted diseases and jumped to his death from atop the Eiffel Tower. This remains a popular video no Youtube. His familiar shout...'Ohhhhhh.....fuu.' That's right man. Oh Freedom.

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The Magic...
The Megaboys of

Chill 2 You!

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