Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Myspace New Years Thoughts

MySpace New Years Thoughts – Bulletin

1. Resolve to listen more and talk less.

2. Remember that Myspace is not a place for Friends...Its a place for Ego Driven Wannabes to take advantage of people on Myspace that want to make real friends.

3. It's not the time of year to resolve to look better or lose weight...its About Time people 'Got Over Themselves' and picked up books to read. Models are THINGS NOT PEOPLE.

4. The Bible was written thousands of years ago. It's time for a Remake. I suggest less human sacrifice and more stories like Harry Potter. God wont mind. From the looks of things, the first edition was a rough draft.

5. Beat the bad guy...Kiss the Girl and Live Happily Ever After. Then sue for the rights. Dont forget that there are fascists looking to trademark your soul.

6. Eating meat is perfectly fine. Havent you heard of sex?

7. Drugs should be legal because all world Faiths come from within. Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow. If and when they kill you...that's Natural Selection. Cya.

8. Give yourself time. Rome wasnt built over a Latte with 10 incoming text messages, 30 voicemails, 148 emails and a line to the rest room.
Slow...just feels better.

9. Chill out. The bad guys lose in the end. Because everybody dies no matter how they try to screw other people. If your mind is free, your heart is true and your path is clear then you dont need the painkillers.

10. Every world leader is a savage in a three piece suit. Dont vote on instinct.

11. This may be the last year you have. Live it like it is.

12. When you think its cool to be cruel, say or do mean things, make fun of others or hurt someone just because you can...you have a sickness of the soul - pure and simple. What evils you do pass away as clouds in time. You have only traded ugliness for a beauty that was inherently yours. And you are left with ugliness.
So be good.

13. It takes a village...so be a village...not a bunch of strangers. Love thy neighbor means you have to know he exists...and care.

14. Nothing is really that serious. And you really arent that superficially cooler or better than anyone else. You poop. Just remember that. You poop.

15. Guys are not all jerks. Women are not all bitches. Only the people over the airwaves that are telling us to believe that are jerks and bitches.

16. The Inquisition happened and so did the Holocaust. Make sure they dont happen again in pieces throughout your own life. Be fair and be aware.

17. Yes. You are going to die. Now stop thinking about some dreamy afterlife and do something today that will have made your life worth it...for somebody else.

18. Time to think for yourself. No great revolution in art happened because people followed everyone else.

19. Respect old people. Most of them arent senile. And they're quiet because they know the value of stillness.

20. Dont live life like you're throwing a tantrum. You're a grown up now. You dont know what the Great Mystery is either. Step outside and look at the stars. Calm Down.

21. Mistakes are made to be broken too. That's why pencils have erasers and Michaelangelo carved the David out of a piece of 'unfit' marble.

22. Give everyone you know a second chance...one more time.

23. Your moods and emotions are conditioned states of being. Knowing this...its wise to condition yourself to happiness. Dont Worry...Be Happy are words of wisdom.

24. Look for the best in others and you'll get used to finding it...in youself too.

25. Santa Clause is real as all great ideas are. Since your ego is just another idea you should know that Santa is watching you and you could get coal in your stocking next year.

26. Broken hearts get better. Sure...love like youve never been hurt before. Just love yourself enough to know what's right for you.

27. Many Blessings for Your New Year.

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